Live Life Daring

Kung may pangarap, go ahead. Life is too short to live in mediocrity. Yes, you could lose but don’t forget you could also win. You never know the outcome until you try. Madali naman bumalik sa dati kung talagang failure ang mga endeavors natin e. In our deathbed, we will only regret those chances we did not take. At ayoko noon. When I die, I want to tell myself, “I was daring to challenge life itself.”  I wanted to go back to my Creator saying: “Lord, I have used all the gifts and the talents you have given me.” I wish to hear: “Well done, my good and faithful servant...”

Marami kase sa mga tao the reason why they do not achieve their full potential is that they remain inferior, palaging takot matalo, or mawalan. Successful people are never scared to take big risks; although they can lose big time, they also know that they can beyond their wildest imagination!

Subok-subok lang naman ang buhay e. Pag di ka sumubok, di mo malalaman. Mas maganda na yung nabuhay ka na: “oh wells…” rather than you’re asking yourself, “what if?”

Sabi nga nila: “Life is an adventure, not a package tour.” Try to live braver and unstoppable. Of course, people will always remind you of your weaknesses, your past and you cannot make it. But it reminds me what God told Adam and Eve: “Who told you…?” Sinong nagsabi sa inyo na hindi mo kaya? Is it others or yourself? Either way, if you allow that negativity, it will limit you to achieve life’s full potential. Life can only take you up to where you wanted to go. Just like that poor lady in the Bible who was commanded by a prophet to pour out oil into the bottles. Her oil never stopped until she had the bottle. But the moment she runs out of a bottle, the oil stopped pouring.

What’s stopping you from living a daring life? Hindi mo alam ang swerte ng buhay dahil naging close-minded ka.


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