This year, be brave and unstoppable.

 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

– Philippians 4:13

Napansin ko dito na nauuna ang “I can do…” ibig sabihin kelangan may gawin muna tayo para palakasin ka ng Diyos. Nakita mo na ba yung lalaki na gustong magkaroon ng muscle, at mag lose ng weight pero nakaupo sa treadmill at may mga juice at kain ng kain habang nakaupo at paa lang ang gumagalaw. How do you expect this man to be strengthen when he does not ‘do’ things he has to do.

Successful people are not just brave for the sake of being brave per se. Hindi sila nagtapang-tapangan lang ngunit inalam muna ang mga bagay bagay bago sila sumubok. Kaya nga sabi ni Warren Buffett: “Do not put all your eggs in one basket“. I will add, that even before you put the eggs in the basket, investigate if the basket has no hole in it. Being brave is necessary as one cannot take any risk. But without taking a risk, one will never achieve his dream. Being brave means you forget what you can lose, but focus on what you can gain.

I believe that one of the biggest risks in life is not the taking the risk at all. I believe it was Shakespeare who wrote the line: “It is better to love and lose than to never love at all.” Of course, in every endeavor, there is a chance of losing: negosyo man yan, pwede kang malugi; pag-ibig man yan, pwede kang maloko or maiwan; pagsakay man sa bus, pwede yan masiraan or mabangga. Lahat ng bagay ay may kaakibat na peligro at sakuna. Pwede ka naman maging trabahante forever, pwede ka naman maging single forever, pwede ka naman maglakad ng ilang kilometro, but even those, are risky anyway.

Even primitive sailors thought that there will always be a chance of dying in the big seas, but Christopher Columbus went on to pursue his vision and found the ‘New World’.

Maganda din sa pagiging brave ay kasama mo ang Diyos. Look at King David who inquired of the LORD, saying:

“Shall I pursue this troop? shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.” 1 Samuel 30:8

Kahit malakas ang loob mo, maganda pa din kakampi mo ang langit lalo na sa malalaking desisyon ng iyong buhay. Mahirap magkamali at magsisi sa bandang huli. Mahirap ng kalagin ang mga bagay na nakatali na. Mahirap ng bawiin ang mga bagay naibigay na. Mahirap ng umahon dahil nakalubog ka na.

That woman in the Bible who was suffering from a discharge of blood, became brave because she knew she only had one chance to see and touch Jesus. She claimed: “If I only touch even the garment of Jesus, I shall be healed”. Brave but full of expectation that her plan will succeed. Lesson learned: you only enjoy the benefit of things you pursue. In your deathbed, the only thing you will regret are those chances you didn’t take. What if you succeed? What if you hit the jackpot? What if you become a millionaire? What if you made it?

Ask yourself, what’s stopping you? Fear? rejection? the shame of failing? E ano ngayon kung mag fail. Madali naman bumalik kung ano ka dati. But never ever stop dreaming to achieve great things in your life just because you are afraid. Ok lang na uod (worm) ka ngayon, but if you’re brave to keep moving, soon you can come out of your cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly. Stop hating to become a worm, and start dreaming to fly and touch lovely flowers. Thank God you now have wings of a butterfly.

This year, be brave, be unstoppable.



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