What makes a winner?

Successful people do things that those unsuccessful people hate to do. Kaya pag tiningnan mo si Pedro, he walked with God on the water because he did something those other disciples were afraid to do. David was being put down and mocked by his brother Eliab, but he was up for the challenge to fight Goliath, something that those warriors were scared to do.

This is the logic: if a success will be achieved easily, e di sana maraming winners, sana maraming mayaman. Pero hindi e. Talagang may paraan ang buhay para alamin kung talagang gusto mong mangyari ang isang bagay. Ako ay naniniwala na ang lahat ay pwede at posibleng mangyari when you pour out your heart, your soul, your energy into something. Kaya minsan ayaw kung humanga sa mga magagaling kumanta, or mag acrobat, or yung mga disabled na magagaling mag gitara at kumanta, bulag na magaling mag drawing, pilay na magaling gumawa ng mga kung ano-ano sa pamamagitan ng paa. Paano nila nagagawa yon? Dahil sinanay nila ang kanilang mga sarili. Kaya magtataka ka minsan, yung mga may kapansanan pa ang magagaling dumiskarte na yung mga walang deformities sa katawan, naku walang kaalam-alam sa buhay.

It also applied to a business. Kung lahat na lang ng negosyo ay bakery, computer shop, tindahan, karinderya, pare-pareho na lang. In order to succeed, you must think of something many are afraid or failed to do. I heard that a son of a famous President of the Philippines decided to start doing ‘garbage business’. Ang kanyang business philosophy: “may pera sa basura”. He gained millions by doing we all hate to do. Ginawa niya ang mga bagay na ayaw gawin ng nakakararami.

I used to work in a big bank in Manila and the founder of that bank started his business after the World War II. People were saying there will not be any business because everything was in ruined. But he went on to do something he was passionate about. He gave his best shot. His name is Go Kim Pah, the founder Equitable Bank who had many branches in the Philippines until it was acquired by the PCI Bank and subsequently by Banco De Oro.

To be successful, you may be doing something which is contrary to popular belief. Even the owner of the big real estate in the Philippines, Jose Antonio, said he is a contrarian. He always does the opposite.  Pag papunta ang masa sa kanan, pakaliwa sya. It means that he takes charge of himself as the master of his own fate. Sometimes, you must not always go with the flow.  He went on to become one of the richest men in the Philippines.

Mike Murdock said: “A successful life is expensive; it will cost you something to become a champion”. There is a cost to succeed. Are you ready to win? Then at all cost, do it and pay for it!


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