There are countless OFWs who think that working abroad is the best way to get out of poverty. I agree that there are many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have managed to be wealthy with a nice house, nice cars, lots of money in the bank and happy family.  But there are also OFWs, despite working for many years, remain poor and pathetic. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.  Pakitang gilas mentality – these are the people who work abroad and when they come home, they want to let their neighbors feel that they have achieved so ‘much’ and that they are ‘already’ successful. Nagpapakitang gilas para kunwari makita ng iba na nagtagumpay sila kahit hindi pa. These people have the tendency to be poor because of the urge to show-off by buying electronic items and appliances to have that feel of success.

Cure: Do not show-off by buying stuff you don’t need just to impress people. Instead, look for ways on how to grow your money.

2. Nakakahiya mentality – eto naman yung pag-umuwi si OFW, marami sya kinakahiyaan: kesyo kelangan nilang magpasalubong ng mga de-lata, corned beef, sabon, shampoo, coffee atbp. Marami din mga kamag-anak, kakilala ang naghihintay ng mga bagay galing abroad. Masyadong mataas ang expectation kay OFW kaya hindi na nakakaipon kase laging pinaghahandaan ang mga tao daratingan niya. Nakakahiya daw kase na may masabi.

Wala naman sila ipinabaon, bakit sila naghihintay ng pasalubong? Pwede mo pakainin silang lahat at magpasalubong pero after nyan, naubosan ka na, iiwanan ka na nila. Huwag kang mahiya na magsabi na hindi mo afford ang luho nila or ang mga iniaalok nila. Saying ‘no’ to

Cure: Saying ‘no’ to others, is saying ‘yes’ to yourself. Learn to say ‘no’. Wala kang utang sa kanila.

3. Trabahante mentality – ito yung mga OFWs na walang ginawa kundi mag trabaho (or trabahante), masisipag, loyal at reliable sa mga employers at amo nila. We always think that we would be rich in having a job. Malibang baguhin natin ang ating pag-iisip na “hindi ako yayaman sa pagta trabaho lamang”, mananatili tayong mahirap. We must change the way we think. It does not matter how much we earn, if we always think that we should work to earn money, instead of our money to work for us. In 2 Corinthians 9:10, the Bible says that God gives seed to the sower…which could also be interpreted as a form of making an investment – because it will be the investing that produces wealth, not the job.

Cure: Work hard, but make it a habit that a portion of your income should be invested.

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