How To Request For A Refund From The UK Home Office?


Kung nagpa-book ka ng appointment sa Home Office for the same-day service or yung tinatawag na “fast-track”, and you for some reason you changed your mind, you can request for a refund to: PSCAppointmentRefunds@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk. My advise is to be careful and seriously reconsider to make an online booking as the time of waiting is very long. Think carefully if you really need to do the same day service as it is very expensive approx 2/3 of the normal postal fee.

On the email you will be sending, you will have to include the following details:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your payment reference number
  4. Your booking reference number
  5. The visa you were applying for
  6. The place of the Home Office where you intended to attend your appointment (Croydon? Liverpool? Glasgow or Birmingham?)
  7. Date of the appointment

You do not have to explain your reason why. You can just say for personal reason hence you have cancelled your appointment and are requesting for a refund. The cost of cancellation fee is £100 at the time of this writing and you may have to wait at least 2-3 months! Kaya be careful to make an online booking as the time of waiting is very long.

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  1. Booking reference number 4-2-2043155 i have cancelled the appointment 28 days ago realising that i have applied for the wrong application and now it has been 28 days and i havnt recieved my refund yet. Could you please make my refund asap please.

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