Great Faith

Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible. – Corrie Ten Boom

Sa Bible ay may mga iba’t-ibang uri ng faith. Noong nasa bangka si Hesus kasama ang Kanyang mga alagad, a big storm came up. When they saw how strong the winds and waves were, they were afraid. They ran to wake Jesus up and told him, “We’re about to die.” Before Jesus spoke to the waves and stopped the storm, he looked at them and asked, “Why do you have so little faith?” (Matthew 8:26). Bakit kayo nag-alinlangan? He was saying, “You’ve seen what I can do. You’ve seen me heal the sick, feed a lot of people, and fix things that were broken. Why do you still have such little faith if you know that I can do anything?” In another part of the Bible, it talked about weak faith. People who barely believe, who let other people talk them out of their dreams, and who could give up on what God put in their hearts at any time. But Jesus talked about people with a lot of hope in two places. Even though things were bad, these people still chose to believe. They knew that our God is all-powerful and that he can make rivers in the desert, open doors that no one can close, and do things that medicine can’t do.

You need a great faith to fulfil your destiny in life. Kelangan mo ng malaking pananampalataya upang maabot mo ang iyong matataas na pangarap sa buhay. It will require your trust and full confidence in God. The good news is —it’s in you. You can conquer insurmountable obstacles. The trick is to awaken your big faith, what God gave you. The devil will tell you cannot make it: “It’s never going to happen, look how big these waves are”. Or weak faith, content where you are, not challenging your beliefs. But living in ordinary faith isn’t enough. You need extraordinary faith to overcome obstacles and make a mark. It will require people who dare to dream big, remove limitations, and declare, “Lord, I don’t see a way, but I know you have a way”. God wants to accomplish something unusual in your life, but you must have big faith to see tremendous favor.

Maybe you have the medical report that says: “You will never get well,” says someone with little hope. But people with a big faith say, “God is giving me health back.” I will live and not die”. Small faith says, “These failures, these pandemic, have made my life less than it could be. I can’t go any further because of this bad luck.” Someone with great faith say: “God, you have beauty for these ashes,”. “What was meant to hurt me, God made it worked for my advantage.” People with little faith say, “I’ll never reach my goals. Too much stands in my way. I don’t have the skills, knowledge, or experience.” Great faith says, “God is opening a door for me that no man, no hater, no doubter, no demon can shut! God has prepared the right people to bless me and promote me. God will finish what he started in my life.” Little faith says, “Man, I’ll never have enough money because of petrol prices, the covid pandemic, and how I was raised badly. I will always be like this, poor and miserable.” People with a lot of faith say, “I’ll lend and not borrow. I live under an open heaven. I am getting ready for increase, blessing, and favor in my life.”

Ang malaking pananalig at paniniwala sa Diyos ay hawak mo, nasa iyo!Kelangan lang gisingin at gamitin upang mas marating mo ang mas matayog na plano ng Diyos. Big dreams require big faith. You need a great faith to the great God to receive great things.

In the Bible, the prophet Ezekiel had a vision of this valley that was filled with dry bones, with a huge graveyard with thousands of bones on the ground. These bones represented what was dead: mga pangarap na namatay na or nabigo, disappointments and closed doors. God was about to bring these bones together, cause these people to come back to life. Pero kumilos ang Lord he asked Ezekiel, “Do you believe that these dead bones can live”? He was saying, “Ezekiel, what level of faith are you at? Do you have weak faith, little faith, doubting faith? Or do you have great faith? Do you believe that I can do the impossible”? Ezekiel answered back saying, “O, sovereign Lord, You control the universe. You parted the Red Sea. You stopped the sun for Joshua. You gave Sarah a baby at 90. Yes, this looks impossible, but I know you can do the impossible”

Parang sinabi ng Diyos in effect, “Wow Ezekiel, that’s what I’m looking for. Not weak faith, not a complainer, not someone that’s going to tell me all the reasons it’s not going to happen. I’m looking for great faith”. He told Ezekiel to make a positive declaration to those dead bones. When he did, the bones begin to come together, and skin forward and covered them. God breathed breath into them, just like in a movie those people stood up, came back to life.

Today, your health, money, and relationships may feel hopeless. “Do you believe those dead bones can live?” God asks Ezekiel. Do you think you can get healthy again, establish a new standard for your family, graduate, publish that book, become somebody someday? It may seem impossible. But be like Ezekiel, he awaken his great faith, his eyes went beyond what he could see because he looked to the bigness of God – the superpower who can make impossible possible.

Jesus healed a blind man one time in the bible, and he said, “Become what you believe. According to your faith be it done unto you”. It was not according to God’s faith, He can do anything. But it’s according to our faith. Where God has taken you, it’s going to take more than small faith. Your amazing future God prepared for you, the doors of opportunities he’s going to open, the favor you’re going to see, it won’t happen with ordinary faith. There will be dreams that are way too big for you. There will be Goliaths, where you don’t stand a chance if you have small tiny faith. That’s when you have to be in Ezekiel and say, “God, I know these dead bones can live. I know your favor on my life will take me where I can’t go on my own.”

Jesus told a parable in the book of St. Luke, and at the end he asked this question, “When I return, what kind of faith will I find on the earth”? If God showed up at your house, what kind of faith would he find? Small faith? Weak faith? Complaining faith? Why don’t you awaken your great faith? You don’t have to know the how things will happen, what God wants to see is whether you believe.

Believe in your dreams, that dead bones can come back to life, that you can do what others say is impossible, and that your children will be people of value for the glory of God. Common faith won’t work. Turn your big faith on! You have never seen, nor heard, nor imagine what God has prepared for you. God expects you to bless, shine, and set new standards.

If you wake up that great faith in you, you will see how great our God is. You will experience His great favor, promotion, increase, health and breakthroughs!

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