Get ready for the shift of God’s favor

Minsan akala natin na galit ang Diyos kaya tayo nabibigo at minamalas. But do we remember that verse in the Bible that says: “all things work together for good to those who love the Lord?” That word “all things” include good things and bad things, good people and bad people. God can even use wrong people in our lives until we learn our lessons and we let them go. And then, God will make all things beautiful much better than before. Get ready for the shift of God’s favor.

Habang naglalakad ang mga Israelites towards the Promised Land, people asked for meat. God spoke to Moses and said He heard the cry of His people and will send meat for 30 days. Moses said, “Lord mukhang imposible dahil sa dami ng tao.” There were 2 millions people. But God shifted the quails into the direction where the Israelites were and fell into their tents. Hindi na sila nahirapan, hindi na sila nanghuli, dahil ang mga ibon na mismo ang pumunta sa kanila. This is how much God loves you. When He shifts His favor upon your life, you will find in a situation where even if you do not deserve it, you will get the promotion, people will like you and favor you. God showed Moses: “nothing is impossible with me, Moses.” If God move the millions of quails to feed millions of Israelites, what else God cannot do.

Hindi ka ginawa ng Diyos para maging ordinaryo. Meron kang mga galing, talino, talento na maaaring hindi mo pa nadi-discover. He is about to breath into your direction and will release His favor so you experience the life of extra ordinary. The Bible says this: “Not by might nor by power by the Spirit of the Lord…” Alam mo ba na ang Spirit is a “breeze” or hangin. God can breeze the blessings, healing and wealth into your baskets, to your family. I believe that you will leave your mark in this life. God has given you a part of Himself. You have a seed of greatness in you. Go and find out what you are made of so you can become who you really are. Unleash your full potential. You can become the first in your family to bring greater honor and fame for the glory of God.

Kapag nagpadala na ng hangin ang Diyos, ang mga saradong pinto ay mabubuksan, ang mga taong dating galit sa iyo ay magiging mabait na sa iyo, ang mga opportunities na dating wala ay biglang darating. No eyes have seen, ears have heard, or mind has ever imagined what God has in store for you – 1 Corinthians 2:9. Ganyan ang buhay pag may pabor tayo ng Lord.

Many years ago, I was terminated by my employer because my co-workers joined to lie to the management about me. They were jealous because I was achieving popularity in the company. Bad luck strikes. I was so disappointed because I was earning good money back then. I was so discouraged but suddenly, another competitor company called me and offered me double amount of salary I was earning from my previous company who terminated me. God shifted his favor upon me. Ganito mag trabaho ang Lord, yong akala mong wala ng pag-asa, biglang darating sya, may gagawin syang higit sa iyong inaasahan. Kaya hindi ka dapat mawalan ng pananalig sa Diyos.

Na noticed mo ba na palaging andoon ang Diyos pagka madilim na natatakot ang disciples, they thought Jesus was a ghost, but He said, “Don’t be afraid it is Me.” When the 3 teenagers were thrown to the hot furnace, the king saw not 3 but 4 – the 4th man is God. Kaya don’t worry if you are experiencing troubles, because it is the time for the Lord to show up. Alam mo ba yong company na nag terminate sa akin, tumawag ulet upang magbayad sa akin ng malaking halaga. What happened, when I thought it was the end but God shifted His goodness and mercy into me. It can happen to you too. Believe in the supernatural God.

I pray that the shift of God’s favor comes upon so that your dreams can come true. Get ready. You are about to see the goodness of the Lord. He will open the floodgates of heavens and pours out blessings so the world will know that you are child of the Most High God.

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  1. What happened, when I thought it was the end but God shifted His goodness and mercy into me. It can happen to you too. Believe in the supernatural God. ❤️❤️❤️

    🥹🥹🥹 heartfelt

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