Visit Visa Fees: Tataas Na Naman!

Hanggang March 8, 2022, visit visa is charged at GBP £95. This has now been increased to GBP £130.

The explanatory memo to the Immigration and Nationality (Fees) (Amendment) Order 2022 (SI 2022 No. 233) says that this has been done

… in order to increase the department’s flexibility to pursue fee changes in future Regulations, as well as — in the case of visit visas — to better reflect the cost of processing applications.

Maraming nagsasabi na kelangan daw ito ng UK Government to support and improve the UK’s immigration system.

Makikita natin ang mga regulations and the actual amounts charged for each type of visa are set by separate regulations na usually updated in April each year. These regulations still put the visit visa fee at £95, but it is likely that won’t be the case for much longer. The fact that the Home Office has just increased the maximum amount they can charge for a visit visa, malaman makes it likely we’ll see an increase in in the actual charge April 2022.

Isa pa dito ay ang student visa fee may also increase by £10, from £480 to £490. The current fee is £348 for an application made outside the UK and £475 for an application made inside the UK.


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