Bakit kelangan ng P60 sa visa application ng Spouse at Partner? UK Filipino Lawyer explains in Tagalog and English

Ang P60 ay document that explains how much you’ve earned over the tax year (which runs from 6 April to 5 April the following year). It also includes how much you’ve paid in National Insurance contributions and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax. Your P60 form is proof of the tax you’ve paid for that year. Paying tax is also a good way for the Government that you are a person of good character.

Form P60 is an annual summary of all your payslips. If you still work for your employer at the end of the tax year, they must give you a form P60 by 31 May.

Mahalaga sa UK government na ang visa applicant (particularly if relying on Category A: Employment, is paying taxes and national insurance contribution. P60 becomes part of UK Visas and Immigration assessment if an Applicant and/or Sponsor are able to meet the financial threshold. Kaya mahalaga meron talagang P60 dahil ito ay galing mismo sa tax office.

Kung self-employed ako, do I get a P60?

If you’re self-employed you will not receive a P60, as the form is issued by an employer. Kung self-employed ka, you normally have an SA302 to show evidence of earnings.

Your P60 can be included in your documentary evidence in support of your visa application. Ang maganda din kase sa P60, kasama usually ang iyong overtimes and bonuses that could ‘top-up’ your earnings. P60 may usually be different to your “contracted hours” and basic salary. Kaya maganda talaga may P60.

Who issues a P60?

Ang HMRC ang nag-generate ng P60, but your employer or pension provider issues it to you. If you haven’t received a P60, ask your employer to provide one to you.


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