Will your visa be denied automatically if you are young and single? UK Lawyer shares the truth

Alam mo ba na maraming nag-aakala na porke’t young and single ka, eh automatic refusal na ito? In fact, immigration officers will check your entire application, personal and financial circumstances to know if your visa will be approved or not. If you are young and single, it is reasonable to say na madali ma refuse pero maghanap ka ng ibang bagay para ma counter-balance mo iyang being young and single mo.

For example, you are enrolled in a university and you just needed to visit your parents or friends in the UK during your school holiday. Maybe you can show your enrollment form and your grades and you can say how you aim to finish your course. Show your bank statements or your parents’ or family members’ letter of support, their IDs and financial documents that you are able to afford your stay in that country. Or if you’re working na, you can show that you are doing very well at your job, you are promoted to a higher and a better position in the company and you just wanted to see London, New York, Toronto among others as a reward to yourself.

I recommend you speak and consult with an immigration lawyer who understands the ‘ins and outs’ of immigration matter. May konteng investment sa telephone consultation, but a well-experienced, competent and a good immigration lawyer is worth its salt, as the saying goes.


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