How To Succeed In Applying for Visit Visa Abroad?

Maraming dahilan bakit nare-refused ang visa, especially ng mga Filipinos. I am saying this with respect, but many have overstayed after being granted a visa. Let’s discuss some reasons why:

“Clean passport” if a passport is very new and no travel history yet, parang takot ang Embassy na mag tnt ka kaagad kapag nakapasok ka sa bansa nila. Kaya iyong mga applicant na may stamp-marked na by the immigration authorities of another country means that the applicant has been to many different countries or they have acquired visa approval from other countries, indicating that those countries have confidence in them. To increase your chances of getting your visa stamped, do not make a visa application to a country reputed for rejecting visa applications with an unused passport and avoid applying for a visa for the first time to countries with strict visa requirements. Doon ka muna sa mga bansa (for example Asian countries muna) na hindi masyado mahigpit ang visa requirements. If this is your first time travelling, it is better to apply for a country that has a better approval rate. It will make applying for a visa application to other countries easier later on.

Reasons Why Visas Get Rejected and How to Avoid a Visa Refusal

Isa sa mga main reasons kaya nare-refuse ang mga Pinoy is because of the country’s immigration policy to protect their national interest. Kaya kung ang applicant ay may mga criminal records or major offences, these have to be disclosed and very likely, refused ang visa application. Maraming Filipino din ang nag-apply ng temporary visit but they remain beyond the conditions of their visa and become illegal immigrants. No country is against any foreigner living and working there, but they require travellers to do that legally, with complete paperwork.

There are some reasons we know why many visas get rejected:

1. Fake documents

Never ever attempt to provide fake or falsified documents because it is a sure way to refusal and most of the time it would ban the applicant to enter that country for a long time. Maraming Filipinos ang bumibili ng mga fake documents, thinking that they won’t be caught. Maling paniniwala ito. Do not submit forged documents with your application.

Fake documents are a reflection of your personality. Nagpapakita ito na kaya mong mandaya or manloko at gawin ang lahat para lang magka visa. The Embassy may think that if you can do fraud on small stuff, you can do much greater fraud doing unlawful things if you are eventually granted access into their country.

Tandaan mo that embassies verify these documents. They do check the validity of your bank statement while others will go as far as contacting your place of work to confirm the details provided in your Certificate of Employment. I even had clients where the application was refused because of the death certificate submitted to the Embassy had a different date when the Embassy checked it on the death registry at the Civil Registrar’s Office.

If you can’t meet specific requirements, don’t provide fake documents. You can make a persuasive cover letter to explain why that piece of document is unavailable.

2. Applying for the wrong visa

Maraming na refused ang visa nila because they either checked the wrong box, or answered the question incorrectly or used a wrong visa form. If you’re travelling for holiday to see friends and family, use the Standard visit visa. If you don’t understand the visa Form, ask for someone who understands the process (a lawyer or maybe someone who has done the application and succeeded).

More importantly, do not try to apply for a visa beyond your means. Kung ang laman ng bank statement mo ay konte lang at pang 10 days lang na holiday, don’t apply for 3 months visit visa dahil baka isipin nila na magta trabaho ka for lack of funds to sustain your leisure. Or, huwag din magdala ng mga resumes or CVs because they suspects that your intention is to find employment if given a visa to enter their country.

3. Motive for travelling abroad

Your purpose of travel is very important and it must be clear and explained.

Kelangan talaga ay honest ka. If you’re travelling for leisure, you will be asked to submit your planned itinerary. Others will request details about your accommodation and tour booking. Pag hindi mo na convince ang Caseworker mo na ikaw ay babalik sa Pilipinas, refused ang application mo.

For those visiting relatives, the consular office will request you to submit an invitation letter alongside other documents such as proof of relationships (birth certificates or adoption papers, if applicable).

If you are planning to visit your family member, you can provide your birth certificate and a copy of your family’s passport or valid ID. Kung hindi naman family member, medyo tricky yan. Maybe provide a picture together or video conversation can do the trick in this regard. If you have a genuine reason for visiting, such as a family gathering such as birthday party or a graduation at a university, or a wedding ceremony, clearly state it and show proof that the event will take place.

4. Failure to explain what makes you return to Philippines?

Sa visit visa, the Embassy will be very concerned kung babalik ka pa sa Pilipinas or hindi na. This is why you need to provide sufficient proof that shows you have every reason to return to the Philippines even before your visa expires. This is sometimes known as “proof of rootedness.”

This “proof of rootedness” shows that you have strong ties with your home country and you have plans of returning. So what does the root of rootedness entails?

  • Your job description, monthly salary, and tenure are some of the things the embassy will look at. The longer you are employed for the same company, mas malaki ang chance mo of getting approved. This is one of the reasons why they request applicants to include these details in their Certificate of Employment. Kaya minsan nagdududa ang consul sa mga applicants na palipat lipat ng trabaho because they will suspect that you are travelling for employment purpose, hence you have no intention of returning.
  • If you’re a business owner, regardless of size, it’s a good sign. You can provide copies of business registration documents. In some cases, you might be asked to attach financial reports alongside the documents.
  • Do you have personal property, a lot or a car? If so, you can submit a copy of the title or deed of sale

5. Inability to prove your employment status or business

Kahit may bank statement na, but if you cannot prove your employment status, then your visa application will be denied. Malaking bagay ang may trabaho. If you own a small business, provide copies of business registration documents, DTI Certificate, Mayor’s permit etc. No embassy will take your word for it without showing solid proof that you’re gainfully employed, or you run and manage a business of your own. If you cannot provide a document, please say it in your cover letter or provide any alternative document.

6. Doubtful financial records

You need to prove that you have the financial capacity to support your trip. You must provide financial documents such as payslips, bank statements and Certificate of Employment.

Eh, magkano dapat ang laman ng bank statement ko? It depends on the country you plan to visit. If you want to visit Hongkong or Malaysia, eh mura mura lang. But if you apply to USA or UK, it will vary.

How much you have in your bank account should cater for your stay. Don’t apply for a 60-day visa, if you don’t have sufficient funds that will cover the cost of flight, hotels and daily travel needs for such period.

Marami din ngayon ang mga fake bank statements just to make the bank account a lot better on paper. Some applicants pay the bank (not the big ones) to deposit a big amount of money and if the applicant is eventually gets successful, they withdraw the funds immediately. The embassy will call the bank and most embassies request for your bank statement for the past six months. It should show a steady cash flow. Kaya kung may nakita silang malaking deposit where the source seems doubtful, sure way yan to get the visa rejected or denied.

7. Criminal or derogatory records

If the visa official suspects your reasons for visiting the country is not genuine or perhaps you have been involved in some fraudulent activities in the past, that could raise a red flag. Keep in mind that your fingerprints also known as “biometrics” are taken during the application process, so they have access to your files and records. Being an enemy of the state you are applying to is a high route to getting your visa denial. Being a person of good character, no criminality or civil injunctions are your advantage.

8. Lack of confidence during the interview

Maraming mga embassies ngayon will request applicants to visit their office physically for an interview. The reason for the interview is for you to explain, justify and support further your reasons for visiting their country. If they think you’re lying or being untrue or answered incorrectly, it could be a reason for you to have your visa denied.

Kelangan fully prepared ka. Show no sign of anxiety or nervousness during the interview. Sagutin mo lang ang mga questions confidently. More importantly, dress smartly. This will boost your confidence level. If you’re a student, dress something like a polo shirt with collar. If you’re applying as a business visitor, then it would be appropriate to wear coat and tie, of course.

9. No travel history

The more countries na napuntahan mo na, the better for the consul to see that you are a frequent traveller and you are good candidate to get your visa approved.

Good travel history gives you an edge. It’s an indication that the Official can trust you. I heard that some countries share immigration records. This is an unofficial claim but if it is true, if you have a reputation for breaking visa restrictions, embassies may find it hard to trust you, so they will deny or refuse your application.


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