Expect and receive blessings from God

In the book of Joshua, Achsah and Caleb acknowledged the importance of water, because without it, the land will be dry. Water brings life and fruitfulness. The Lord said to His people that the land He will bring them to is different from the land where they came from. In Egypt, God said, “you sowed your seed and irrigated by hand…but the land I am giving you will be watered by rain from the sky…” This is a profound word from the Almighty God.

It is important to note that humans can work hard and can plant seeds and be watered by hand – what a hard work!

But God is telling us today that He will be putting us to a land where it will be showered, nurtured, and cultivated by the water coming from the sky – the work of the Holy Spirit!

There is nothing too difficult with God. He can command the fish to jump into your net. Ask the master fisherman, Peter who toiled all night in the sea and caught nothing. But at the command of Jesus, Peter caught so much fish – a manifestation that God can water our land from the sky. That’s how powerful and good our God is. Believe that good things are coming your way. Expect that your land, your bank account, your wallet, your family, your home – something good is about to happen. Receive that word in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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