Don’t Allow Others’ Rubbish Into Your System

The Philistines went to put dirt and garbage into the wells (balon) that belong to Abraham (Genesis 26:18). The Philistines filled the wells to pollute, clog, and render them useless for the descendants of Abraham. Their hatred for God and His people was so high that they were willing to murder them by shutting off the water, that supply that all of society needs to thrive. Without it, people can’t live.

But today is the time to clear up, unclog, and unblock your wells. Don’t believe in Satan’s lie! Jesus loves you and He cares about you! Only believe in God’s Word which never fails! Don’t allow someone’s negativity affect your vision.

Wag mong hayaang lasunin ng iba ang iyong isip at makalimutan ang mabubuting pangako ng Panginoon sa iyo. Like the Philistines, they can try to throw rubbish into your life but do not allow it. Keep yourself busy reading the Word of God so you are refreshed and renewed daily.



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