How To Get Approval For UK Visitor Visa?

How do immigration officers think? They will approve your visit or tourist visa if:  1) you will follow the rules; 2) you will return at the end of your visit; and 3) you will not claim any public funds or government support which means that you will maintain, support and accommodate yourself adequately throughout your stay in the UK.

They will reject your application if: 1) your answers are not believable; 2) you’re not a genuine visitor or tourist; and 3) you intend to work or settle in the UK.

Why people fail their visa interviews? To be successful, be sure you’re not making any of these errors:

1) No preparation – “I just want to see London...” lack of preparation will give a bad impression to the decision-maker and will likely refuse your application.  The Immigration Officer will expect a much better answer why did you choose the UK? Which places do you intend to visit?

2) Dishonesty – If the Application Form and the Interview don’t match up, you will be refused. Be sure you don’t lie on your application form and to the Immigration Officer. Don’t exaggerate things when you know it’s not true.

3) Poor evidence“I don’t have payslips because all my income are paid in cash...” This is not a good answer. Put your money in the bank and prove the source of those funds and provide it at the time of your application to affirm you are able to afford your visit to the United Kingdom. Do you need your Sponsor’s invitation letter or financial documents in support?

4) Obvious details missing – “hmmm…I don’t know the address where I am staying...” You have to ensure the Interviewer you are aware of your travel. They want to know you are well-prepared. Get the exact address of your sponsor or hotel booking, if any.

5) Not sure you will leave the UK after your visit – If the decision-maker suspects that you won’t leave at the end of your visit visa, you will be refused. For example, the question was:

What are you going to do in the UK?

If you answer, I will take care of my nephew while my sister works. This may be a bad answer because the decision-maker may think you won’t be coming back after your visa expires. They won’t approve your visa because they may think you will be working.

Are you planning to work in the UK?

The answer should be ‘no’ because if you intend to work, you should apply for a Work Permit and not as a visitor. Visit visa is only intended to see family, friends or see the tourist spots – this visa does not allow you to work.

How will you support yourself while in the UK

You need to ensure that you are able to sustain yourself without recourse to public funds. You need to have sufficient financial documents to confirm you can maintain yourself. You can show you bank statements, payslips, letter from employer confirming your position and the level of salary you earn and for how long. Does your employer allow you to go on holiday on your target date? Bring a proof.

Do you have a Sponsor?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then you need to bring maybe a letter of invitation, supporting documents such as accommodation, bank statements or payslips or financial documents of your sponsor.

If you don’t have a Sponsor, then make sure you can afford the accommodation yourself. Any tentative advanced hotel or hostel booking? Print it out and provide it on your application. Your money at hand or in the bank should be more than what you need while you are in the UK. If you can show that you have enough savings, you’ll be ok on this question.

How long do you plan to stay in the UK?

Just repeat your answer earlier, but always with honesty and according to the application form you filled up. Explain why you’re coming to the UK. The answers on the Interview should match up with your application form. There’s no room for discrepancy as you will fail. If you’re coming for 3 months, explain why? Don’t change it on the interview unless you have a valid reason. The longer you stay, the more and better explanation you should have to get approved.

Where will you live while in the UK?

The best way to answer to this question is this, your accommodation should be 1) Available; 2) Affordable; and 3) Appropriate. So if it’s a hotel, make sure you can afford it and your bank statement shows you have money to pay that.  If you will be staying with a family or friend, make sure you have a letter of invitation and are happy to accommodate you because they have spare room upon your arrival.

If you’re coming with your family members, you need to make sure you can afford all the expenses while you’re all in the UK. If you’re coming with 4 children plus you and your spouse and you said to the Interviewing Immigration Officer that your relative where you intend to stay has 2 bedrooms, then that accommodation is not appropriate and you will likely fail. But if you can satisfy those accommodation requirements, they will be satisfied that you are able to be accommodated properly.

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