Trust In The Lord In The Midst Of Troubles

Whenever you go into battle against an enemy attacking your land, you have to blow your trumpets. Then I, the Lord, will hear it and rescue you. – Numbers 10:9

Makikita natin sa mga talatang ito na inutusan ng Diyos ang mga Israelita to blow their trumpets every time they entered their enemies’ territory.

Hindi ibig sabihin na natutulog ang Panginoon at kelangan gisingin na dahil nasa peligro ang kanyang bayan. No! It was not that God was forgetful but that the people needed reminding of His promises, power and protection.

Pagka ikaw ay natatakot at nagaalala, you’ve got to blow your trumpets, so to speak, and expect something good from God! The Lord said He will come and rescue you. The blowing of trumpets is a sign that God arises and doing something great in your life now. Lagi mong alalahanin kung paano naging mabuti ang Panginoon sa iyong buhay noon at ganoon din ang gagawin Niya ngayon. Count your blessings and remember thankfully His goodness in the past.

Today’s Bible Reading: 

Old Testament

1 Kings 7:1-51

New Testament

Acts 7:30-50

Psalms & Proverbs

Psalm 128:1-6

Proverbs 16:31-33


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