ILR po ako at nasa Pinas ako ng manganak. Ano po ang visa ng baby ko?

There are little or no advantages for a child born abroad to an ILR holder parent. All the UK Immigration advantages come from such a child being born in the UK.  Kung sa UK ka nanganak, British ang baby mo. But doon ka nanganak sa Pinas eh so the baby is still Filipino.

Moreover, be careful. They may cancel your ILR on entry, if you are settled outside the UK. Keep in mind that ILR is not inheritable. ILR lapses automatically if you have lived outside the UK for more than two years.

Having said that, a child doesn’t apply to naturalize instead a child may be able to register. If your read through Guide MN1 you will see there is an option to make a discretionary application to register the child but that does depend on a range of factors such as where the child lives, status of parents etc.

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