Success Stories

TNT pero now may visa na!

A young Filipina lady arrived the UK about 5 years ago to visit her family in the UK but due to some exceptional reasons she decided to overstay in UK. She was threatened of deportation and enforcement and detention. I was appointed about 3-4 years ago to act on her behalf but the UK Government Immigration made her life miserable – they have refused many of her applications, dismissed her appeals. Fearless (even without money), I kept fighting for this young lady’s behalf because I believed that there is a way to win this legal matter. In God we gave all our trust. We even went to the Upper Tribunal and then to the First-tier Tribunal which I myself represented before an Immigration Judge. I won on both courts (Upper Court and Lower Court on both occasions). Then, I again challenged the Government strongly why my client should be granted a visa in this country. After an hour deliberation in Court, the Judge made a verdict that I am correct and the Home Office was wrong to refuse my client. Today her visa was granted for 5 years and she has eligibility to become Permanent Resident in UK and soon maybe British! What a turn of event! This is beyond my expectation but truly God is a miracle-working God. Nothing is impossible with Him. Thank you, Lord. I am just a servant but You deserve all the praise and honour. Congrats Masami Nakase Peachy Ramos Here it is! The visa has arrived. Your life is forever changed.masami

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