5 Habits of a Great Parent


There are certain characters and traits that a great parent should have and these are:

1. He should be a protector – a parent must be protective to make sure that his child is safe, against the enemy, against trouble, against stress. Ibabalik nya ang kanyang pamilya sa Diyos. Kaya sa mga ama, ginawa tayong ulo ng tahanan or the ‘man’ of the house, he is the head to protect his children from things they cannot see. A parent should be a defender. Kelangan tagapagtangol tayo ng ating mga anak. Two mothers fighting for a baby…but King Solomon said to cut the baby into two so each has to have a half. A parent should be ready to fight so their child not to get hurt. Tell the devil you can mess up with me but never with my child.

I remember my mom wanted to buy me new clothes because she did not want me to be a laughing stock at my school.

Being a great parent means loving your child more than you ever loved yourself. Children should not have to sacrifice so that you have the life you want. A great parent is ready to give their best shot so that their children can the life they truly deserve. Otherwise, tama yung kasabihan: “Every child deserves a parent, but not all parents deserve a child…”

A great parent puts the welfare of their child above their own selfish needs and wants.

2. He is a provider – is more than money, but provides wisdom, friendship, counseling, camaraderie, perspective, insights and he has a giving spirit. He adds into your life. Our Father in heaven is a Jehovah Jireh: My God is God who provides? In Proverbs 3 it says about David’s words in his old days to Solomon: My son, do not forget my teaching, But let your heart keep my commandments; For the length of days and years of life;  And peace they will add to you. Do not let kindness and truth leave you; Bind them around your neck. Write them on the tablet of your heart. So you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and man.

Sa mga OFWs, do not forget the very purpose of you coming over to the UK. Your purpose is to provide not only for today’s needs of your children but you are now preparing for their tomorrow.

3. He should be a promoter – In Matthew 3: Suddenly the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and resting on Him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!”

Mary said to the servants “Do whatever he says…” John 2:5

4. A father should be a priest – the man was a priest in his home. Noah built an altar first before he built his home. They are a praying parent. “Pray without ceasing…” because problems come without ceasing…If my people shall humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land. A good parent should show up for the fight, be there for the fight.

A good parent should show up for the fight, be there for the fight.

5. A good parent is a prophet – he prophesies to his children, what can they be, what can they become what they can do and speak to his destiny…get back and fight again, you are born a winner! and speak towards their future. Rachel died giving birth to a baby saying his name is Ben-oni and son of my sorrows, but Jacob named him Benjamin meaning the son of my right hand, the son of my power and the son of my strength. From the tribe of Benjamin, produced many kings of Israel. One kings after another…Because Jacob told Benjamin who he is and who he could become

Many parents don’t lay their hands on their children and tell them to be blessed….

Treat a child as if he is already the person he is capable of becoming. If you want your child to become a doctor, call them by their title Dr, then their name and their surname. Let them know the prestige, the pride, and the glory…and tell them you trust them to succeed. You tell them, my child, make me proud.

Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first. I was at a park with my kids. Jewel slides her face on the slides and she comes down not looking forward – she is closing her eyes. I encouraged her to slowly touched my hand as she slides down but I want her to open her eyes so she sees and enjoys the slide. She believed me and I believed on her. She nows slides the usual way, with her eyes open.

The most precious jewel you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.

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