The 3 Habits Of A Highly Successful Businessman

Stay hungry, stay foolish. – Steve Jobs, Apple Founder

I was watching the movie “Troll” and there was one character named, Grumpy Branch who told the leading character, Poppy: “What is your plan? ….that’s not a plan, that’s a wish list.”


There are many people who just make wishes and there are those who think that success was achievable easily. When I was a new lawyer a few years ago, I won a case for a client who told me, “I could do your job easily, if only I am educated.”

Gusto ko sanang sabihin, with respect, that: ‘iyon na nga iyon e. Your lack of education stopped you from becoming the person you wanted to be.” Most people believe that success, glory, fame, wealth are achieved. I was listening to a gym radio who said: “you cannot have the butt you want by sitting on it.” It means that everything requires work. No good things come easy.

These habits of highly successful entrepreneurs made them millionaires. Of course, they also had wished. But these top 3 habits made them stand above the rest.


Hunger. High-calibre businessmen are always hungry. They never stop until they get there.  When you see them, they walk fast, they eat fast, they dress simply, their eyes bags are swollen due to lack of sleep. Successful business founders are hungry for more success and glory. Hungry people are like a ferocious lion waiting for a kill. If your mindset is to succeed, then you will never be satisfied to where you are now. Tony Robbins once said:

“The best entrepreneurs on earth never lose that hunger. They are hungry to grow, hungry to give, hungry to contribute. It’s more important than intelligence. There’s nothing that will stop a person who is hungry enough. A hungry person, failure doesn’t stop them.”

There was a man named, Pedro who worked as a driver and messenger in one company. He did everything to make ends meet. But he was so hungry for success. He ran a hardware business but a couple years, he closed down the business. He then worked with Colgate Toothpaste. Later on, he built his own toothpaste company called “Hapee” toothpaste. Now, he is ranked as one of the top Filipino billionaires.

In Genesis 12:2-3, God said: “I will make you a mighty nation. I will make you abundant. I am going to make you blessed so that you can become a blessing.” That is the plan of God for your life: to bless you so you can bless others.



Drive. My definition of “drive” in this context is answering the question: “How can I get from where I am now as a dreamer to get there?” I must tell you that while you drive your way to success, there will be stop lights, there will be destructions, rocky and bumpy roads. How do you carry on when you feel you are swimming against the current?

On this, I remember that there was a man who dreamed something big. He wanted to do something which has never been done before: to run a mile under 4 minutes. At that time, some doctors advised him that his heart may come out if he runs fast to beat the current world record.  Roger Bannister, a 25-year-old British medical student, has become the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes. His time was 3mins 59.4 seconds, achieved at the Iffley Road track in Oxford and watched by about 3,000 spectators. His drive was fascinating to prove that the world was wrong that world record cannot be broken. What about you? Are you driven to succeed? Be honest.

In Deuteronomy 8:18 it says that God gives you the power to gain wealth. If the Lord can give you that power, He can also help you to get there to your destination. He just needs to know if you are driven.



Commitment. If you are really really serious about being a highly successful businessman, you must be dedicated. Yes, motivation can get you started, but commitment will keep you going despite any difficulties. Successful businessman never dwells on fantasies, they are committed to making those dreams a reality. They have this habit of sticking to their plans until it happens. Kase marami sa atin, puro simula lang and embrace the ‘ningaskugonmentality. Many are starters, but few are enders. I heard from an owner of a betting shop that some of the horses which run on the race are never really meant to finish up to the finish line. They are just there to participate. What about you? Are you a participator or a finisher. Commitment is a virtue. Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad once said that nine out ten businesses fail. If that is true, then it means that 90% of businesses fail. That includes you. But to the remaining 10%, commitment is one of their arsenals to pursue. In 1 Samuel 30:8 it is said:

and David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I pursue this raiding party? Will I overtake them?” “Pursue them,” he answered. “You will certainly overtake them and succeed in the rescue.”


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