Why The Virgin Birth Of Jesus Is Crucial?

Christmas came from the joint words of Christ + mas which means celebration. Therefore, Christmas is time to enjoy including the young and the olds alike.

But Christmas is not just about celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. If we ask ourselves: “Why did He need to come down, be born in a humble manger, and be like one of us? Can He not do it in heaven, He is God after all!”

My humble answer to this in a nutshell is: when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin entered and therefore God who is holy cannot associate with humans who became sinners. God said to Adam and Eve, “the moment you eat the forbidden fruit, you shall surely die.” God cannot lie to Himself. He has no integrity because… He is ‘the’ INTEGRITY. 

Pero naging matigas ang ulo nina Adan at Eva. They did what God told them not to. Now, it was God who has a problem. Naging tungkulin na ng tao na pumatay ng mga hayop upang maging katubusan sa kasalanan.


This is the point I want to make, God promised that death shall come. That promise of death was spoken by God to Himself! He cannot just say one thing, and not do it, otherwise, His integrity will be questioned and He will not be God. For Him to be God, He has to do what He says. When Eve (only her was deceived, not Adam), God has to ensure that someone must die. Death was a promise of God to Himself. He called His Son Jesus to die, not on the cross, but at the time when the offence was committed! Jesus died already before at the beginning of time.

But here is the reason why God (Jesus) came down on earth. There was a gap between God and man. Since Adam lived up to 930 years more, he and Eve gave birth to children who acquired sins which have been passed on to generations after generations. Adam cannot pay for his sins and someone must pay. Jesus paid the debt He did not owe, beause we owed a debt we could not pay.

Humans as sinners are forever separated to God who is and will always be holy. Nagkahiwalay ang Diyos at ang tao. Kaya nga sinasabi, that no matter how good we are, how “holy” we feel we are, it is not enough to take us to heaven.


Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father in Heaven, except through me.”

Jesus was clear that if He will not do it, no one can get to heaven. He is the only One who can pay for our sins, nobody else can!


He needed to come down to the world and used a virgin so that He will not inherit the sins from Adam and allowed Him to become a perfect man. Medical experts know this principle: the blood of the baby does not mix with the mother’s blood.


It was the Holy Spirit who implanted the ‘seed’ into Mary’s womb so baby Jesus can become human. In effect, Jesus was a perfect man and a perfect God. He did not inherit sin from the bloodline of Adam.



Jesus came to seek and find the lost. Like you and me. Yes, you who feel and better than the rest of us. We are all sinners and fell short to the glory of God. He came down with a mission to bring us all back and to reconcile with God, the Holy God. To take all our sins and inequities. He died so we live.


Next time, you don’t feel that God loves you, think again. God gave His only beloved Son Jesus to be born, mocked by people He created, crucified by those He healed, and left by those whom He called friends. He humbled Himself and showed us that even until death, Jesus, as a man, obeyed.

Now that Jesus gave His life for you, but He said: Though you die, you shall live. Because you believe in me, I will give you an eternal life.


Jesus death on the cross reinforced how much God loves you. He filled in the gap that was destroyed when Adam and Eve committed that first sin.


Once we acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we have been reconciled with God. We have now the opportunity to come to God Father.


In Romans 6: 22 it stated:

Now you have been set free from sin, and you are God’s slaves. This will make you holy and will lead you to eternal life. Sin pays off with death. But God’s gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord.


God loves you so much! Put that idea in your head! Instead of you, dying and suffering in hell, someone took the death penalty and paid your debt so you now have an opportunity to go to heaven.

That is what Christmas is all about, folks.

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