10 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid In Visa Applications


I have seen many people lost a good case simply because of lack of knowledge about the application itself. Even my mom and dad who applied for their US citizenship, I advised them to be guided by professionals (Immigration Attorney in the USA). Of course, you can save some money if you do it yourself but the repercussion of making it wrong is much higher than if an application is done properly by professionals who understand it. Having said that, just because an application is made by professionals, does not mean it will always succeed. There are many reasons why applications fail.

You can buy a paracetamol for headache but you may not know the cause of the pain which in some cases become terminal illness.

Not being guided by professionals are like that. Or like novice driver without the proper guidance of a qualified driver. Visa applications, if you can consider it important part of your life, must have an investment at hand. You cannot just rely on what you read online or from the suggestions of people around you. That is deadly.

#1 Deadly Mistake: Doing It Yourself Application.

Consult a good lawyer and ask for their opinion. Never think that you are better than them, if you are not practicing in this field because their intelligence can sometimes make or break your visa application. I have seen many cases whose application was refused simply because the Home Office /British Embassy knew that the applicant was not guided properly.

Get a good immigration lawyer or adviser. They will study your case based on your own personal circumstances. Unlike reading online that advise there are general and may not be appropriate to your own immigration matters.

Iba-iba naman kase ang problema ng bawat isa. Pinag aaralan nila yan at dapat magaling sila kaya sila binabayaran. If they are good, they will give you advise as they are regulated and could be penalised by not doing so. So, you cannot assume that by just reading a post online from an unknown blogger can be taken personally as his or her situation may be different to yours.

Invest in a good immigration lawyer because in the long run, you will appreciate that your investment with them will pay a good dividend.


Don Magsino MBA is a student of Oxford Brookes University at Post-Graduate Degree in Law in Oxford, England, UK. He is a graduate of Ateneo De Manila University Graduate School of Business. He is a qualified Immigration Lawyer in the UK. 07446888377 / 0207 316 3027. His London Office is located at 239 Kensington High Street, London W8 6SN. He is accredited by the Law Society in England and Wales and regulated by the OISC Level 3 (highest level in immigration professions).

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