Don’t Apply for Permanent Settlement in the UK

Due to the recent requirement of the Home Office to ensure that everyone coming to an English country like Great Britain is able to speak and understand above mediocre. That’s why it is not really much important for a visa application the reading and writing skills.

One of the dilemmas that I reckon is that some people are unable to speak and understand good English. And I am saying this with respect. Obviously, some people find it difficult to have a good educational background and was unable to be in that level where English was their priorities in life.

But the fact remains: the moment the person who has a limited leave to remain also known as LTR to UK lawyers, applied for indefinite leave to remain or ILR [permanent settlement], there is a higher chance of success on that application that settlement application will be granted but when the person decides to bring his/her family over to the UK. then the spouse will be required to pass the difficult English exam from the country of origin. I must admit that even the good speakers sometimes fail and the cost, the stress and time to do that is very daunting.

My advise to all Filipinos in the UK who are not yet settled, DO NOT APPLY FOR PERMANENT SETTLEMENT if you have intention to bring your spouse in the UK. Let him or her come to the UK first because:

  1. It will be practical as your spouse will be in an environment where English is the first language and the medium of communication in day to day life. Learning English will be easy
  2. There are many test centres that offer practical tips and seminars to learn English and pass the exam
  3. The £18,600 income threshold is not yet invoked if applying as the spouse of someone with limited leave to remain in the UK.

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