Be Open To New Possibilities

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.”– George Bernard Shaw

Change is part of life. When you embrace the change, you are allowing God to open the door for your life to grow and have another, if not better perspectives. There was a story between a young caterpillar and a butterfly. The caterpillar said to butterfly, “you have changed a lot.” The butterfly then answered: “we must.”

Si Reed Hastings ay nag rent ng DVD but was penalised $40 at a Blockbuster store for returning a copy of Apollo 13 late. He and his friend decided to develop a program because they love watching movies. Then they went to a leading movie and video rental business and said, “We have an idea, and we’d like to work on it with you. We have made it possible to send pictures over the internet. So, people wouldn’t have to go to the store, rent the movie, and then drive back to the store to return it. It would get rid of all travel.” The business had no interest. “No, thanks,” they said. “We are the best at what we do. We know what we are doing.” Reed and his friend went out on their own and started a business. They gave it the name Netflix. Today, it’s very popular and has almost put everyone else out of business.

We get stuck in what God used to do because we don’t want to change, instead of going forward into what God is about to do. God may have put you where you are, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax.

God gave the Israelites manna to eat when they were in the desert on their way to the Promised Land. That went well. It kept them alive for a while, but it wasn’t enough to keep them alive forever. It stopped raining food. They had to keep going. God gave them birds to eat. They were very happy. This fed them for a while, but it was only a short-term solution. God was taking them to the Promised Land, where they would have permanent food, riches, and favour like they had never seen before. When the manna stopped coming and the birds stopped showing up, they were smart enough to realise that this was only a temporary solution. They knew that God had something much better planned for them, so they kept going.

The truth is that God could have continued to provide quail and manna. He is the Almighty. But God prefers newness. He works in cycles. Maraming pamamaraan ang Lord na hindi natin alam. If you remain open and willing to modify, adjust, correct, and attempt something new, your provision will bring you to your Promised Land. Don’t be upset if the manna stops coming like it used to. Huwag kang magtampo na nawala na ang mga dati mong inaasahan at na-enjoy. Just keep moving forward. Look for fresh opportunities if the quail and manna stop coming. Change your approach. This is a temporary measure. God desires to bring you to your next area of blessing, bringing you one step closer to the Promised Land.

Pero madalas we get caught in the past. Dati nag-worked yon eh so akala natin, it will continue to work. When the Israelites needed water, God instructed Moses to strike the rock. He struck the rock, and water came forth. When they needed water again, God instructed Moses to “speak to the rock.” Do you remember what Moses did? He walked over to the rock and whacked it. “Hey, it worked last time,” he reasoned. This time it will work.” The same God had a different plan for the same rock.

McDonald’s very first logo for the restaurant was composed of a black wordmark, set in three levels, and executed in three different styles. Buong-buo dati ang “Macdonald’s”. They then decided to simplify the logo for a big letter “M”. McDonald’s logo is a combination of different meanings, which all are combined in one pretty minimalistic symbol, the uppercase “M”. The letter is composed of two Golden Arches, which represent the first restaurants of McDonald’s, and also look like a feeding breast, an ancient Freudian symbol.. It combines a minimalistic approach, with no graphical details, a bright color palette, which evokes a sense of warmth and friendliness, a custom uppercase “M”, representing the name of the company, and the two Golden Arches, which look like mother’s breast. So all the essential elements of a successful visual identity design. The logo of McDonald’s has become so successful to push it to one of the most recognised brands in the world

You must remain open to new. You can do the same thing you did last time and have great success, but there is no success this time. It’s because God is doing something new. It could not be something significant that you’re missing, but, like Moses, it could be something minor. When God moved forward, he should have been speaking to the rock, not striking it. A minor modification, a minor change to stay on track with God’s plan. Small changes can make a big difference. The Bible says: “Do not despise small beginnings.”

God commanded the prophet Elijah in the Bible to travel to the brook Cherith, and the ravens would feed him there. He arrived and had supplies week after week. He wasn’t required to go get the food. The ravens approached him. Life was great. Ang sarap ng buhay nya. But just as he was about to settle in and become comfortable, God said, “All right, Elijah. Now I want you to travel to Zarephath. There is a widow there who will look after you.” Pwedeng magduda si Elijah na baka hindi Lord ang nagsasalita sa kanya: “He blessed me right here. I’ve witnessed his favour. This stream appeals to me. These ravens appeal to me. I intend to remain where I am. I’m going to keep the old.”

The trouble is that the ravens have stopped coming. The creek had run dry. Why? They’re temporary solutions. That suggests God has something better in mind for you, but you must let go of the old in order to receive the new. If you don’t realise that God has something bigger in store for you in the future, that God has something fantastic in store for you, hindi mo bibitawan ang mga bagay na luma dahil manghihinayang kang mawala ang mga iyon.

I know people who are attempting to make ends meet by hanging on to friends they know God has abandoned years ago. They were stuck in the same job that was supposed to be a stepping stone, but they were hesitant to take the next step. They’re now attempting to acquire water from a dried-up canal. Don’t allow that happen to you. Be open to change.

God has new ideas, new chances, and new friendships for you. To be successful, we must be willing to make changes on a regular basis. Examine what works and what doesn’t. What was once prospering, what was once in God’s favour, will sometimes begin to drag you down. You must be sensitive enough to recognise when a season has ended. Don’t waste your time and energy on something that isn’t going anywhere.

One time, my wife started a money transfer shop in London. It was ok for the first few days but then she realised that the shop needs to have so much numbers of customers just to break even, have to pay staff and overhead costs. Otherwise, she will have to stay in the shop and will have to compromise her main business in recruitment. Upon reflection, she announces to her clients and staff that she is selling the business to remain focus on her main business.

You didn’t miss something just because it didn’t last. It doesn’t make you a bad person. But know that it’s part of what God has planned for you.God never said it was going to go on forever. Be determined, but don’t be too proud to know when to say, “Lord, I know your favour has left this business. I enjoyed it. I did the best I could. But now I can see that you’re trying something new, and I’m not going to get stuck in the old and try to make temporary provision permanent.”

My wife might have thought, “If I close down this money transfer business, I might look bad and people might think I’m a loser. But you shouldn’t be too proud or stubborn to know when a season is over. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. It’s just another step on the way to your Promised Land, like the food that stopped coming.

In John 15, Jesus talked about how God will cut us down so that we can bear a lot of fruit. When you prune, you cut away or get rid of something. Someone you could count on moved to a different place. You lost a loved one or your business went out of business. Don’t get angry when you lose something or have to prune something. Don’t feel sad or like it’s the end. Don’t start to feel like a loser. Have the attitude, “God, I’m letting this go because I know it was only a temporary thing and that what you have for me in the future is better than what I’m giving up.” God will open new doors for you if you are willing to accept change and keep your faith. He will give us new chances and new friends.

I read about Steve Jobs, one of our greatest thinkers. The Apple company which he established and built, fired him. He dedicated himself and worked hard but lost his dream job. But despite all these setbacks, he had no bitterness. He blamed nobody. He founded another company, Pixar. He gained talents. Apple bought his firm and reinstated him. Sinabi ni Steve Jobs na “If I had not been fired I would have never developed the skills that have made me who I am,”

Alam ng Panginoon how to turn our sorrows into joy, our mourning into dancing. God will turn your misfortune into a blessing. Good people follow the Lord. God knows when what to remove. He understands when to prune. Manna will stop. Quail will disappear. The brook may dry. Because God has something better for you. God can shut the door but keep trusting Him. Don’t be depressed. You were pruned simply to produce more fruit. Expect growth. Expect plenty. God’s favour will increase.

Please be flexible. Last year’s success doesn’t guarantee this year’s. Recognise season end. Don’t waste time on a dead fish. A simple change can make a big difference. Stay open to change and not get bitter and discouraged, God will take you into your Promised Land where you’ll see permanent provision, abundance, increase, and blessings like you’ve never seen before.

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