Bagong paraan para hulihin ang mga illegal migrants sa UK

Few years ago, there were attempts for the banks to become a quasi-government body Immigration Office to know the sources of income and the details (addresses and names and employers) of illegal migrants and their cohorts. The bank was mandated to report the names of illegal migrants and hence there were people arrested by police at the bank premises. That was not unusual before. Bank secrecy law seems not honoured by the UK. But due to so much protests because it was seen as suppressing freedom and invading privacy, it was stopped in 2018.

Recently, there are many politicians who would like to resume doing the same endeavour to contact banks to know where the illegal migrants are residing and working. This is noticeable in the application forms called “Declaration Page”.

Declaration Page aka Consent Form

This allows the UK government to check the applicant’s personal and financial record.

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