Why it’s not good to have “cheap” immigration advise?

Here’s a question: Should you use an immigration solicitor or an immigration advisor?

Well, you be the judge…..

I’m a solicitor. That means I’ve completed a 3-year law degree. After the degree, I completed the Legal Practice Course. These are the two academic stages towards qualifying as a solicitor. At this point, I still wasn’t a solicitor.

I then started as a trainee solicitor with a law firm for two years. This is the practical side of qualifying as a solicitor.

So, after six years of higher education and on-the-job training, I finally qualified as a solicitor. And not only that, but since qualifying, I’ve become recognised as an immigration law specialist by The Law Society. I’m also regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Compare this with an immigration advisor regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

Starting with zero knowledge, you can become an OISC level 1 regulated advisor within weeks!!!

And, of course, there is a big difference between exam knowledge and on-the-job training. And it’s that knowledge on the job that makes all the difference.

Am I saying that a regulated advisor can’t advise on your visa application correctly?


But there is no substitute for legal training and knowledge built over the years rather than weeks. And if you want the best possible chance of a successful immigration visa application, you need advice from someone with a solid foundation that can be backed up with successful visa application outcomes.

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