Can I stop my ex taking my child abroad? 

A common question during the school holidays is can I stop my ex taking my child abroad. This depends on whether you are the mother or the father of the child. If you are the mother, then you would have automatically acquired parental responsibility. If your ex-partner does not have parental responsibility then you can stop them from taking your child.

If they have parental responsibility then and the court has ordered the child to reside with you then again you will be able to prevent them from taking the child unless you provide your consent. If however the father has a child residence order then they can take the child away for up to 28 days.

If a father wants to take their child abroad for holiday then a mother can stop them taking the child away unless the father has child residence in which case they can take the child away for up to 28 days. In all other cases the father must either obtain the mothers written consent or consent from the court.

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