Documents Dependants of Skilled Worker will have to provide in support of visa application:

Documents Dependants will have to provide in support of visa application:

  • A valid passport
  • TB Test Certificate from a doctor saying that they do not have Tuberculosis (TB). (if applicable)
  • Official record of any crimes that have been committed (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Marriage or Civil Partnership (for married or civil partners)
  • For individuals who are not married or in a civil partnership, proof of their relationship to the primary applicant must show that they have lived together and been in a relationship like marriage for at least two years.
  • Birth Certificate (if the child is under 18);
  • For youngsters above the age of 16, more proof that they are not living on their own is needed.


If the Certificate of Sponsorship doesn’t say that the Employer will pay for your dependent(s)’s living expenses and your dependent(s) haven’t been living in the UK with authorization to enter or stay for more than 12 months, they won’t be allowed to stay.

You will need to show proof that the main applicant or a dependent has an extra £285 for a dependant partner, £315 for the first dependant child, and £200 for other dependant children, and that these extra funds have been in the account for at least 28 days straight, ending no more than 31 days before the date of the visa application. Please keep in mind that if you are even £1 short on one day, you will not meet the requirements.

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