Pwede ko ba invite ang family member to care for my kids in UK?

You can invite your loved ones to visit you in the UK regardless of whether you have permanent residency or are here temporarily as a student or worker.

You’ll need to detail how the trip will be paid for and provide an accurate estimate of how long their stay will be. It is recommended that those who intend to host guests produce bank statements spanning no less than three months as proof of sufficient finances and specify in an invitation letter the type of lodging they will provide.

If your family is really close, it is customary to show proof of your link through documents like birth certificates.

In addition to demonstrating social and economic ties to the home country, your guests will need to demonstrate an earnest desire to return there. As a result of the hostile climate, this may be especially difficult for tourists from so-called “high risk” countries or for retirees and single persons with greater family links to the United Kingdom than their current country of residence.

Do not ask family on a visit visa to come over just to help with specific tasks around the house like babysitting or cleaning.

It is crucial that your initial application for a visiting visa be approved since a positive immigration history is seen as an indication of intent to comply with immigration regulations. As long as you don’t overstay your welcome in the United Kingdom and keep to the terms of your visa application, you’ll be good to go for future applications.

The National Health Service (NHS) is free and accessible to all UK residents, but tourists are not permitted to utilise it, thus private care can be very expensive if necessary.

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