10 Most Common Divorce Reasons

To get a divorce, you must demonstrate the court that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Here are England and Wales’ 10 most common divorce reasons.

• Couples stopped loving each other

• Lack of love and affection; lack of sexual intercourse; lack of communication; addictions; abuse; money concerns; cheating/adultery

1. Couples lost love

Falling out of love is the leading cause of divorce in the UK. As no one is at fault, these divorces come under 2 years or longer separation by consent, our most prevalent divorce ground.

2. Bad money management

The second leading reason for divorce is financial irresponsibility.

It’s a fault-based, unreasonable behaviour divorce. As an uncontested divorce service, most instances have the other party’s cooperation. For the court to grant this type of divorce, the petitioner must demonstrate at least 5 examples of the bad behaviour. Credit card debt, gambling, hiding money, and buying expensive stuff they couldn’t afford are examples of financial incompetence.

3. Opponent’s personal issues

The third top reason for divorce includes mental health challenges, trust issues, and family problems. Again, this is a fault-based divorce scenario and falls under unreasonable behaviour.

4. Loneliness

Many petitioners complain that their ex-partner isn’t paying them enough attention. Many reported that their soon-to-be ex preferred to hang out with their friends, drink, and act if the marriage never happened.

5. Lack of Sex

Men in our study brought up the absence of sex multiple times, bringing it to number 5. If your marriage has ended for any of the above reasons, you can petition for divorce after 2 years of separation. If your ex-partner is unlikely to agree, you can also claim unreasonable behaviour as grounds for divorce, provided you can serve them divorce papers.

6. Miscommunication

Good relationships require good communication. Communication issues can ruin a marriage. Open and honest conversation lets you discuss personal or marital concerns. You can also discuss disagreements. These could be related to children, money, or housework.Communication breakdowns can swiftly develop into issues. Once communication breaks down, it rarely returns to a level that can sustain a partnership.

7. Addictions

Addictions are increasingly breaking up marriages.

1 in 4 behavior-based divorce petitions include alcohol, which is concerning.

• Alcohol addiction

• Drugs

• Gamings

• Gambling

These aren’t the only addictions we see, but they’re the most common.

Addictions of any kind can produce pressure and tension in a relationship, so it’s no wonder that they’re a leading cause of divorce.

8. Abuse

Marital abuse is not only physical. Emotional, psychological, and financial abuse are others. Domestic and emotional abuse are typical in divorce petitions from our clients. Abuse is an acceptable basis to divorce in any marriage. Many people endure abuse out of fear or hope that the abuser will change.

9. Finances

Many married couples argue about money. Is someone spendthrift? Who pays for most things? Overspender with debts Money conflicts and anger often lead to divorce.

10. Adultery/cheating

Adultery has been around for centuries, but it seems more widespread now since the news, periodicals, and social media are more prominent in our daily lives. Adultery remains a top divorce factor. Adultery causes 15%-20% of divorces in England and Wales. Adultery can be grounds for divorce, but it must be discovered within 6 months.

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