Life is Too Short to Worry About Stupid Things

So many people have committed themselves to hatred and hostility that made them miserable. All of us have become victims of injustice, betrayal, and unfairness. Of course, we can get revenge to get even or show them that they are messing up with the wrong person – you! It is not to say that you just let everything and anything get away without you doing anything. No, not at all. I am simply saying that life is too short to miss out on being truly happy because your focus is on how to harm those who hurt you before.

There was a saying: “holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Do not let your anger burn you, your peace and your happiness. Like cancer, anger can eat upon the host – nobody but you! Your life is too short to live in long-term grudges.

I have a friend, Karen, whose brother was killed by a gunshot. The murderer is still at large, and nobody knows his whereabouts. I gave her my deepest condolence. As an attorney, she came to me for a piece of legal advice on how to fight in the court of law. She was very keen about resigning, became very aloof to everyone, and I noticed that she had been losing sleep and getting weak every day. I was told that sometimes she missed picking up her children from school. Her focus was on how to find the criminal but compromised her health, her job and her family.  After months of mourning, I asked her to move on, move forward, let go and let God and allow the authorities to do their job. She has now realized that there are more important in life – the people she loves who are still alive.

Life can be harsh and unfair sometimes, but that’s not a reason for you to live in misery, torturing yourself in distress and everyone around you. When you feel being treated badly, reminds yourself of what Joseph said in Genesis 50:20 CEV: “You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best…” God above promotes justice. He promised to fight for you. The more I live, the more I realize that there will be times I thought it was a loss, a disadvantage and unfair, but looking back, all those things, good and bad, worked together for good.

Don’t lose touch with the magic and beauty of life.

I spoke to one prominent ambassador of the Philippines to China, who told me: “Don, time is fast. There is no replay. No rewind. You have to enjoy every moment as it comes. Life is too short so make the most out of it because you don’t know when your last day is.” From that time, I was encouraged enough to do my best while I could.

One day, you will be in your grave, and life itself will ask you, “have you used all your gifts, your talents, your skills?”  I believe that the wealthiest place on earth is a cemetery because many wasted lives have been buried. Many “if only’s” and “what if’s” have been concealed. Many great authors, influential leaders, top professionals and famous singers were submerged without discovering who they would have become.

I encourage you to become the person God intended you to be. Indeed, life is too short to worry about stupid things. Live life to the full. Enjoy and have fun with the people you love and who love you. Make the most of each day you’re with them. Forget those who don’t care about you and value you. Avoid life-long disputes and arguments. Count your blessings. Thank God and be truly happy and grateful for what you have, but without losing the desire to grow to be better. Believe that everything happens for a reason. Some people will love you and hate you. They will come and go. It is foolish to expect everyone to stay forever. Don’t live in regret. I remember the song when I was a child: “God never told you that there will always be sunshine. He never said there would be no rain. He only promised that the Lord will be with you until the end.”

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