Visa Invitation Letter: How To Write?

Consulates and Embassies all around the world frequently request paperwork that are unclear, particularly for visitors applying for their first visa. With a little effort, the candidate can learn a lot about each document, including how to obtain it and why it is required.

The aim of a letter of invitation is one of the documents that first-time applicants have difficulty comprehending. Everything about a Letter of Invitation is actually rather simple and straightforward.

What Do You Need to Know to Write an Invitation Letter?
For the letter of invitation to be valid, the host must meet the following requirements:

  1. must be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the country you plan to visit.
  2. must be your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family member/relative. must have a registered place of residence (home, flat)
  3. applicant must be able to fit in the space

Every embassy in the world does not require a Letter of Invitation, but it is strongly recommended to send one even if it is not required.

How to Write an Invitation Letter to Apply for a Visa?
Many people might find it hard to understand, but if you know what a letter of invitation is for, it could be the easiest part of your visa application. The guest must write the letter and send it to either you or the consular officer. Some embassies have their own invitation form, so check about it when you get the list of documents you need for a visa. If they already have a form, your host will only have to fill in the blanks with the right information.

But even if they don’t, you can still use the examples below. Just change the information to fit your situation.

When writing an invitation letter, the most important thing to remember is to include important information about both the writer (also known as the “Sponsor”) and the Applicant. The following information about the host must be in the letter:

  • Full name
  • Birth date Address
  • Phone number
  • Occupation
  • Type of home (own house, house you rent, apartment, or room)
  • The status of the Sponsor in the host country (If the Sponsor is residing in that country a work visa, student visa, permanent resident, or is a citizen or any other legal status)
  • Signature

On the other side of the letter, the following information about the Applicant must be written:

  • Name as it appears on their international passport, in full
  • Birth date
  • The address and phone number of the Applicant
  • How the Sponsor and the Applicant are related
  • What the trip was for (friendly visit, holiday, wedding, birthday party.)
  • Exact dates of target entry and exit

If the Sponsor’s letter is to the Applicant, don’t make it too formal that it sound like it’s from a business. It’s better if it sounds more personal and friendly , so the consular officer can get a better idea of how the Sponsor and Applicant know each other.

Supporting Documents for Letter of Invitation

It would be very nice if the applicant sent in any of the following documents along with the Letter of Invitation:

  • A scanned copy of the ID or passport of the host.
  • Proof of how to make a living (if the Sponsor will financially support the Applicant)
  • Proof of home or apartment ownership or a lease
  • A list of the places everyone plans to visit.
  • If the Sponsor has taken time off from work to be with you while you were in their country, you should submit a document that shows that.

Sample Letters of Invitation

There is no one right way or style to write an invitation letter. It’s up to the person writing the letter to decide what to put in it. As long as the letter has the information above, among other things, it will be fine.

There is no one right way or style to write an invitation letter. It’s up to the person writing the letter to decide what to put in it. As long as the letter has the information above, among other things, it will be fine.

Sample of Letter of Invitation addressed to the embassy

The Embassy of [country], [Address],

Invitation letter for [Name of Applicant]: Passport No:XXX77777

Dear Sir/Madam

I’m writing this letter to back [Visitor’s Name request]’s for a visitor visa.

She or he lives in [country] full-time and is my [relationship] there. She or he lives at [Address of Visitor], and their phone number at home is (YY)XXXXXX.

I am a legal permanent resident of [Guest’s Home Country]. I live at [Guest’s Home Address] and work as [Guest’s Occupation], making a net income of $XXX per year. I’d like [Visitor’s Name] to come see me from [Date of Entry] to [Date of Exit] because [you could give a reason like a wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, etc.].

My request is that she or he be given a visa for this whole time. During that time, I would be fully responsible for her or his well-being and take care of it. She or he will also live at my house, and when her or his visa runs out, I’ll make sure she or he goes back to his or her home country.

Please find attached all of the necessary paperwork. [provide all supporting documents here]

Thanks in advance for your positive answer.

Thank you.

[Name of Sponsor]
[Date of Birth of Sponsor]
[Address of the Sponsor]
[Number of the Sponsor’s phone]
[Sponsor’s signature]

Sample of Letter of Invitation addressed to the Applicant


Invitation letter for [Name of Visitor]: Passport No:XXX77777

Dear [Name of Visitor],

As a follow-up to what we talked about on the phone, please consider this a formal invitation to come visit me in [country]. It’s been a long time since I last saw you [use a word that describes your relationship: mom, dad, sister, my friend, my love, etc.], and I am so happy that you will finally get to meet all the people who have made my time in [country] so wonderful.

I will make sure you have a place to stay, food to eat, and transportation around [country] from the time you arrive from [Visitor’s Home country] on [Entry Date] until you leave on [Date of Exit].

I’m sending you all the documents you need to get the visa you need from the [country] Embassy.

Can’t wait to meet you here

[Name of Sponsor]
[Full address]
What they do for a living:
Numbers to call:
Work: [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
Home: [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
Email: [email address]

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