5 Most Important Documents You Need To Provide For a UK Spouse Visa Application

Of course, the documents you need to provide depends on your circumstances and you may need an experienced immigration lawyer’s advise. Your included documents are designed to support the fact that you and your spouse meet the eligibility criteria for a UK Sponsor Licence –

UK spouse requirements:

Your spouse must be:

  • over 18 years
  • be a British or Irish citizen, or have Indefinite Leave to Remain, or have Pre-Settled or Settled Status, or have refugee or humanitarian status
  • meet the Minimum Income Requirements (MIR)
  • have suitable accommodation

You (as the Applicant) must be:

  • over 18 years
  • have “physically” met your spouse and have been married in a way recognised by UK law
  • have a good knowledge of English;
  • Has a TB test certificate (if applicable)

There are five key documents you must include in your UK Spouse Visa application to support the fact that you both meet the above requirements. They are:

#1 – Proof that one spouse has British Citizenship or is a Settled person

Both of you need to include your current and previously held passports. If the sponsoring spouse has Indefinite Leave to Remain, it will be shown as a vignette in their passport. Settled Status and Pre-Settled Status can be checked online. 

#2 – Your marriage certificate

You must provide a marriage certificate (translated in English) and your marriage must be recognised by the UK. Aside from marriage certificate, you can also include proof of communications such as emails, text messages, call logs, personal statements from you and your spouse, letters of support from family and friends, utility bills, tenancy agreement, bank statements and proof that you have been living together under the same roof to prove that your relationship is genuine and continuing.

#3 – A letter from your employer and payslips

If your spouse is relying upon Employment (Category A), then your spouse must prove that he is earning before tax of £18,600 or more per year (this will increase if you are also applying for your dependent children). If your spouse is employed for more than 6 months with the same employer, your spouse can provide 6 months’ bank statements, payslips, employment contract and a letter from your employer confirming your employment status. If your spouse is employed for less than 6 months, your spouse must provide 12 months’ bank statements, payslips employment contract and a letter from your spouse’s employer confirming your spouse’s employment status. This is to prove that you and your spouse can support yourselves adequately without asking benefits from the government.

If your spouse is self-employed, or relying on cash savings, this is not covered in this article. I will write about them in due course. This article is about employment.

#4 – English language requirement

If you are not from one of the countries exempt from providing proof you can speak English (these are nations such as New Zealand, America, and Canada where English is the main language) you will need to provide evidence that you have sat an approved English language test.

If you are first time applicant, you must provide A1 English level of proficiency CEFR. If second or further extension of spouse visa, you need to provide A2 English level CEFR.

For your results to be accepted, your test must:

  • be on the list of approved English language tests
  • have been taken at an approved test location
  • have been awarded in the two years before the date of your application

Those applying for a UK Spouse Visa only need to take an English language speaking and listening test.

#5 – Accommodation requirements

The person assessing your application must be satisfied that you and your spouse have adequate accommodation. Adequate means that the property is free from overcrowding and does not contravene public health regulations. You can live with others; however, you must have an ‘exclusive’ use of a space for your and your husband.

Proof of accommodation can include a letter from your landlord, housing association, mortgage lender, or family or friend with whom you are living with. The letter must confirm how many people are living at the property and that it is not overcrowded. This is called Property Immigration Report (PIR).

DISCLAIMER: All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for a professional advise. Should you decide to act upon on the information on this website, you do so at your own risk.

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