Can Accommodation be available kung ma-approved na ang visa? UK Lawyer explains in Tagalog and English

Under the Rule E-ECP.3.4 in Appendix FM says:

“The applicant must provide evidence that there will be adequate accommodation, without recourse to public funds for the family…”

Maraming Filipino na magsasabi: “hindi pa kelangan ang accommodation dahil hindi pa naman approved ang visa.” But you have to know that that provision in Rule E-ECP.3.4 obliges the applicant to have an available accommodation at the time of the application and not if and when a visa is approved. So kahit hindi mo pa alam ang outcome, kelangan available ang accommodation at the date na nag-apply ka. Hindi pwedeng “to follow” yon.

This brings dilemma because the UK Sponsor has to rent an extra room (for example applying for a family to join them in UK) not knowing if the visa is granted or not. As you know, when you rent a place or even a room in the UK, you need to sign a contract: Tenancy Agreement by which you are bound for a period of time (e.g 6-12 months contract). This normally causes stress to many because of the financial requirements for down payment and advanced deposit. Kelangan mag down payment at advance deposit na minsan sobrang laki ng amount at hindi afford.

But the law applies to everyone. Nobody is above the law. I will repeat, the accommodation must be available at the time of the application.


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