What is “targeted“ Amnesty?

Nagkaroon ng pag-uusap patungkol sa Amnesty recently. Few days ago, sinabi ng Home Office na gumastos sila ng £900M just to remove 800 illegal migrants and apparently they will need to spend billions of UK£ to remove the remaining TNTs at large. Parang nabuhay uli ang usaping ito na magkaroon ng Amnesty sa mga undocumented migrants na nasa UK for a long period of time at walang mga criminal records, people with good characters and also those who have established a private life and family life in the UK. Be warned dahil may mga crooked immigration advisers or lawyers umano ang nag-aalok ng amnesty from £10,000- £15,000 kahit wala pa namang approval ito. Mag-ingat kayo mga kababayan dahil marami ng mga Filipino ang nabiktima.

The Home Office would present their expenses to the relevant authorities such as maybe the Parliament whether the current actions of the Government to spend £900 Million is worth removing a very limited number of illegal migrants. In my opinion, this will be one of the main reasons why “targeted” amnesty will be seriously considered by the legislative body. At the moment, the UK Immigration may need to show that they are tough in removing illegal migrants. Read the latest news about immigration matters to see whether an Amnesty will be issued and when. The Home Office may issue some new laws such as Legacy Scheme or clearing the backlogs because they don’t like the word Amnesty.

In my opinion, the reason this ‘targeted’ amnesty should be passed are: 1) there are shortages of workers, care workers and frontliners; delivery drivers and workers on shops and essential items – the UK needs to recruit more workers to fill-in the gap since European workers are no longer allowed to enter UK without permission to work; 2) its humane as PM Boris Johnson has said before; 3) lack of food and goods supply in the UK; 4) additional revenue to the taxman HMRC. Hindi nakita ito ng mga British na bumoto sa “Brexit”. Major shops and establishments have closed down due to lack of workers and labourers na ayaw namang pasukan ng mga British. The Home Office Secretary, Ms Patel said that the Immigration System in the UK is ‘broken’ so many lawyers believe that for the Government to fix this is by passing Amnesty (albeit ‘targeted) and from there control immigration effectively and properly. I hope this article helps to answer some of your questions.


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