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Ano ang 3-tier lockdown rules sa UK?

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Maraming nagtatanong ano nga ba ito tatlong klase or 3-tier lockdown rules. I found these details from the UK Government website here. They explained the different levels of lockdown and which areas it will be imposed on. See below.

Local COVID Alert Level – Medium

This is for areas where national restrictions continue to be in place. This means:

Local COVID Alert Level – High

Local COVID Alert Level – Very High

This is for areas with a very high level of infections. The Government will set a baseline of measures for any area in this local alert level. Consultation with local authorities will determine additional measures.

The baseline means the below additional measures are in place:

Full list of Local COVID Alert Levels by area

Local COVID Alert Level: Medium


Local COVID Alert Level: High


Greater Manchester



High Peak – the wards of:


West Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

North East

Tees Valley

West Midlands



Local COVID Alert Level: Very High

Liverpool City Region

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