Frequently Asked Questions About Flying with a Newborn

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Do babies fly free internationally?

To travel internationally with an infant, you may often be required to pay 10% of the adult fare, plus taxes and fees, even if the infant will be held in your lap. Your airline will have its own rules so check with them before booking an international flight.

Does a 2-year-old need a plane ticket?

Infants, which are defined as younger than 2 years old don’t need a plane ticket as long as they are seated on their parent’s or guardian’s lap. However, once children reach the age of 2, they will need to sit in their own seat and need a ticket. Some airlines require you to purchase a full adult fare for children aged 2 and older, while others offer child fares that are drastically discounted.

How old does a baby have to be to fly?

Some airlines, like American Airlines, let babies fly when they are as young as two days old. Others, like Southwest Airlines, require newborns to be at least 14 days old. Check the specific airline’s website for details, as some require a physician’s sign-off depending on the age of the baby on the day that he or she will be flying.

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