Pwede bang maibalik ko ang dati kong apelyido matapos ang divorce?

Yes, pwede mo maibalik ang iyong maiden name after divorce (finalized abroad) pero kelangan mo mag file sa Court sa Pilipinas as it is a judicial process. This means that a Filipina who was divorced abroad cannot revert to her maiden name on her passport without first going through this court process in the Philippines.
This is because of Republic Act No. 8239. This law set certain conditions for the issuance of a passport:
d) In case of a woman who is married, separated, divorced or widowed or whose marriage has been annulled or declared by court as void, a copy of the certificate of marriage, court decree of separation, divorce or annulment or certificate of death of the deceased spouse duly issued and authenticated by the Office of the Civil Registrar General: Provided, That in case of a divorce decree, annulment or declaration of marriage as void, the woman applicant may revert to the use of her maiden name: Provided, further, That such divorce is recognized under existing laws of the Philippines. Consult a Philippine lawyer to assist.

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