Was an unhappy wife, now very happy.

I appeared for this Filipino in English Court (UK) whose application was refused to enter the UK to join his wife. Appeal Number : HU / 06987 / 2018 Valenzuela vs Secretary of State [2018] IAC. The Home Office Immigration Lawyer said why the Filipina in UK cannot go home and join her husband over there. I strongly challenged before the Judge that this rational of the Government is a hypocrisy, ‘anti-family’ and against the underlying principle of the UK Immigration Rules which is to unite families. The Judge agreed with me who even said: “As Mr Magsino rightly submitted, neither the respondent nor the Entry Clearance Manager raised any issue about the authenticity of the documents. The appellant has submitted a wealth of evidence that I have considered in accordance with the principles of Tanveer Ahmed* [2002] UKIAT 00439…”
– Congratulations Lyn Valenzuela we have won as I have received this Decision from Judge Flynn.
– We thank God for His wisdom that despite of the grilling of the UK Immigration to stop you and your husband to join together their endeavour did not prevail. Salamat Panginoon sa Iyong kabutihan.

***No anonymity direction is made. Mrs Lyn Valenzuela allowed to post this too.***

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