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Family appeal won in a UK Court.

Mercado & Others vs Secretary of State for Immigration [2018] IAC. I appeared for the Mercado family to challenge the punitive decision of the UK Immigration Office and threatened the whole family to be deported back to Philippines for breaching immigration laws in the UK. They spent almost £50,000 (approx $120,000 or P3.5M Pesos) in legal fees and visa immigration fees. They made several applications but these were all refused despite of hefty and exorbitant amount invested by this family. They sold everything they have in the Philippines including their home and other assets to pay for the court and legal costs.

They appointed me to challenge the giant Home Office and Immigration in Birmingham Immigration Court.

Upon seeing my grounds of appeal and skeleton argument, the Judge mentioned: “Mr Magsino, if I don’t allow your appeal under the Immigration Rules, what do you say?”

I responded, “Madam, if you refuse the Mercado’s family, they shall be separated forever and you shall defragment this family who has never been divided and separated. It is the underlying principle of the UK Immigration Law to unite families and not divide it. This is a human right appeal and I implore this honourable court to be pragmatic that in the light of all these documentary evidence before you Madam Judge, I invite you to take into account their family and private life. They are people of good character and they are assets to our country. There is no good reason why they shall be deported. The children here are the best in their academics and they can contribute towards the UK economy. Mrs Mercado is a nurse by profession and as you may be aware, Madam Judge, our country needs quality nurses and carer in our NHS Sector and Care Homes. If she is here now, why would we be sending her home. The eldest child here is very intellectual and is also working in our National Health Service. In my own respectful submission, Madam Judge, notwithstanding the amount of money they invested throughout this ordeal is so immense and I am here to ask your discretion to adjudicate in favour of my clients.”

I received the decision of the Judge today, “I allowed your clients appeal. They can stay in the United Kingdom.”

Wow! Purihin ka Panginoon sa mga dakilang bagay na ginagawa mo po sa mga taong ito may mabubuting kalooban. Ako po ay isang instrumento lamang. This is obviously Your work, Lord. Every praise belongs to God alone!

***post allowed by the Mercado Family and no anonymity has been applied for in the English Court so it’s publicly available in the Ministry of Justice domain***

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