Success Stories

A happy mother, allowed to bring her kids to UK without her ex

I appeared in an English Court (UK) for two minors Filipinos as their applications were refused by the British Embassy Manila and excluded them in coming to the UK to join their UK Sponsoring parent. The UK Government Immigration Lawyer stated that the children cannot be successful because of blah blah blah. Torralba vs Secretary of State [2019].
– The Judge made a decision and agreed that my legal submission was correct and allowed the appeal and even refunded the legal fees paid by these children.
– I am jubilant as well as the mother who instructed me. Well done, Diane. This case was handled by a previous solicitor /lawyer and a barrister in court but you lost confidence in them due to professional negligence. You then appointed me to take over and legally represent your children in Court in London. We won! Thank you, Lord. This is Your work! Salamat po Panginoon. Diane West

***no anonymity requested as this shall be in the UK Justice domain and approved by Ms Diane West.***

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