Don’t despise the small beginnings

There are times that we underestimate the ‘learners’ life. Minamaliit natin ang mga nagsisimula kase feel natin malaki na tayo.

But there are times that God will send us the small stuff to prepare us for the big stuff. Look at what happened to David. He experience to meet the angry lions and the bears. Easier said than done – but if I saw a lion, I will surely run away and hide not, don’t you? But David did not do what I would have done. He learned the skills and the tenacity to fight these ferocious animals. While he was in the field, nobody told him that he was destined to become the next king, if not the greatest king of Israel. He was even underestimated by his father because a prophet was looking to anoint a king. Jesse said: “wala na akong anak na iba pa maliban sa isang bata si David na nasa kagubatan.”

David understood the principle to beat animals like lions or bears. Hindi ipis, hindi daga, hindi pusa at ibon ang pinapatay niya kundi mga wild animals.

After becoming an expert as the master killer of lions and bears, he was ready for the next – one of his biggest enemies – the gigantic Goliath. He was ready to kill this uncircumcised Philistine.

The next time God allowed problems or mga pagsubok na akala mo hindi mo kaya, but tandaan mo that God will allow these things not to defeat you, but to tell you “I am with you, I will show you how great I am.”

Tama ang sabi ng Bible: “my power is made perfect in your weakness.” Hindi talaga para pahinain ka or patayin ka pero para makita gaano makapangyarihan ang Diyos.

If you want to become the King David, you need to defeat a Goliath. The enemy knows that you are on your way for greatness but he made sure that the higher, the bigger your blessings, it matches your enemy.

Most of the time you will know how strong you are, when a problem arises against you. Look at what happened to Samson. He didn’t know that he was a man with a super strength only until a lion came on his way when he was going to Timnah.

You will see the greatness of God not on the sunny day when everything is ok. You will see God during the storm and during the fire. Ask bro Sedrach, Mesach and Abednego who were put into a furnace by people who envy them. But even the king saw not three men but four, and the king said: “one of them looks like God.”

Do not worry about problems. One day, those problems you have now will become your stepping stone for you to become great. You will even thank God that He trained you with those small beginnings, small stuff – that made you prepare for a stronger enemy.

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