Thank God For Enemies

The Bible says this:

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and celebrate, because great is your reward in heaven; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets before you. -Matthew 5

But what if their persecution and their negativity is NOT about our Christianity but are too personal and ‘below the belt’.

How do we handle those betrayals, those who walked away and left you, those negative thinkers and have the negative perception about you or those people who don’t simply like you?

Or what about poverty? what about your spouse very irresponsible and not doing his or her best?

You may not like that you may not be able to reach your destination without them. It is all part of God’s plan to get you to where you suppose to be. David would only be known as a shepherd boy if it was not for Goliath.

Goliath was strategically placed in David’s path not to defeat him but to promote him. Without Goliath, David would not be able to be the king.

Don’t complain about your enemies because what you think is a failure is really a blessing in disguise for you to become the next King David.

In the Bible, it was clear that David knew King Saul who could have promoted him. And sometimes we have friends to inspire us a and lift our spirits but you have to thank the enemies, those people who don’t believe in you, those who belittle you, because out of them you will have a true sense of determination to succeed and prove them wrong.

God did not use King Saul to bless David but instead used Goliath.

That’s why we do not have to please everyone and play like a pony just be in their group. You are who you are. It’s either they like you or they don’t.

When David defeated Goliath, we never heard of Goliath again. Because God only used him to push David up. The same way in our lives, we will suffer through the fire, but if we pass the test, we will be victorious. We shall be happier than ever.

God will connect you with the right people who will be there for you but also God will align people who will stop you, make you feel and look bad and look little and discourage you. There will be Goliaths that will be in your way. But take courage, this Goliath will not be there to defeat you and humiliate you, but the world will see that the favor of God is in your life you will succeed.

In 2012, I was a level 1 immigration adviser where I was allowed to fill up forms on immigration matters. A friend at Oxford University College of Law told me that I don’t have a chance now because there are many immigration advisers. And since I am just a level 1 I don’t have many clients because my capacity and license is limited. He was an established attorney at law and I looked up to him because he is very intellectual. He tried to discourage me from going forward. But I went ahead anyway. That is the job I want to do. I love helping people.

In 1992, when I was in Lyceum of the Philippines, I joined a debating society who subsequently rejected me because my reasoning was not on par with a lawyer-material.

In 1996, I was told by my first employer that because of my speech defect, I would not be able to communicate properly and I will remain a messenger for the rest of my life.

These negativities kept playing in my ear.

  • not much money
  • not much clients
  • not much hope
  • I’m not good enough
  • I have a speech defect

I strived harder in doing my best to my clients and eventually, my client base grew. In 2015 I did open my own immigration practice in Central London. You know my first ever employee was that friend in Oxford who told me I could not make it.

In 2015, there was a Filipino immigration adviser who was a bit, I think envious of my success. He talked to people about lies and wrongful stories. He was not happy about me passing my level 3 exams without going to law school. I passed the national test that gave me the opportunity to have the right of audience and to represent a client in court. He has been an immigration adviser only for the last 20 years and he kept in Level 2 only. I surpassed him within 2 years I got the highest level of Immigration Advisory. Of course, he is not going to be happy.

He started to be angry at me and despiteful against me. He never liked me. He is vocal about it. He is a journalist and he even threatened to put my name in the newspaper for blah blah blah. I said go ahead. But I kept praying to God to bless me.

I prayed the prayer of Jabez:

“Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.” – 1 Chronicles 4:10

I always remember what Peter wrote:

“Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened.” 1 Peter 3:14

That negativity pushed me to take up Post-Graduate Degree at Oxford Brookes University and now I am in my final year at the London’s University of Law and will be taking Masters of Law.

The next time I see those people who discouraged me, I will ask them to buy a meal.

Those negativities in my life, I became determined and had a new fire to be better. Sometimes God will allow discouragers, doubters, and even some haters, you will keep pressing forward but you don’t want to show your enemies the joy of seeing you defeated.

In Matthew 13:

24 Jesus then told them this story:

The kingdom of heaven is like what happened when a farmer scattered good seed in a field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, an enemy came and scattered weed seeds in the field and then left.

26 When the plants came up and began to ripen, the farmer’s servants could see the weeds. 27 The servants came and asked, “Sir, didn’t you scatter good seed in your field? Where did these weeds come from?”

28 “An enemy did this,” he replied.

His servants then asked, “Do you want us to go out and pull up the weeds?”

29 “No!” he answered. “You might also pull up the wheat. 3Leave the weeds alone until harvest time. Then I’ll tell my workers to gather the weeds and tie them up and burn them. But I’ll have them store the wheat in my barn.”

God used our enemies to our advantage. If it is not for our enemies we will not press harder. If I was not told I could not do it and does have what it takes, I could have been complacent and settled for less where I was. It was the opposition that pushes me forward.

David said:

“God prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies” -Psalms 23:5

When God bless you, He will bless you where everybody will see. Despite of the haters, wrong-sayers, God blessed me indeed.

I have been a representing my clients with a very high rate of success about 95% winnings. I have had clients who come from afar Scotland, Blackpool, Birmingham, Wales and England. People will tell me how they heard my name. Of course, I am saying this not to brag, but to thank God that because of my enemies, the name of the Lord is blessed and glorified.

Jesus could have said to His father: “Dad, can you use someone else…not my disciple Judas. What will people say about me as your Son if my disciple will betray me?”

But we know that Jesus said,

“Judas, go quickly and do what you have to do.”  – John 13:27



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