God Can Speed Things Up


There are times that we need to wait and be patient for things to happen. But let us also not forget that God can speed things up when everything is going to happen so quick that surprises us. God can accelerate things to bring you faster to where you suppose to be.

Minsan nagpunta si Hesus sa isang kasalan. At the middle of the wedding ceremony, they ran out of wine. He asked the servants to fill up the jars with water. Then he asked them to get some water out of the jar and bring it to the host of the party.  When the host tasted the water that was now wine, he was amazed and said: “Why did you keep the best wine for last?”

Making wine takes time. Ordinary wines can take from 4 weeks to 12 months. Better quality wines can take five to seven years. Best wines can take up 20 – 30 years process.

Today, I want to encourage you that God can accelerate things for you. You have to put your confidence in God to propel you to a place you should be.

This was the prayer of my parents when they migrated to America. They did not have a house and they used to stay at my sister’s place. My father is now in his 70s and my mother dedicated her time to be with dad so they can enjoy their lives together. They don’t have employment. One day, one of my brothers who was in the Middle East was promoted to a higher position and was blessed financially. Upon receiving his bonus, he went to buy a house at a beautiful place in San Francisco, California. The house has been paid in full and mom and dad are living there for free and no obligation to pay anything. Their neighbors in the USA began to ask how come mom and dad manage to get a big house as quick as that? My parents just said that the hands of the Lord was upon them and their children.

God accelerated the process of acquiring a home for my parents that should have taken them years. My brother was blessed and promoted so he can be a blessing. You see, God can open doors of opportunities for you and bless you. Stop believing those lies and negativities that life is hard and you will never make it. Believe that God is speeding things up and “turning your water into wine.”

Sometimes you may feel that you are falling behind. But maybe God is pulling you back to shoot you out na parang sa tirador: the farthest it can go back, the farther it can go. Always trust God as he speeds up the process. Don’t be bitter that you are being pulled back. You can say: “Lord, I may not like it and it may be uncomfortable, but I know that you will release me to a better place.”

In the book of Amos, it was said: “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again…” (Amos 9:13-15) MSG

I want to say it again for emphasis: “your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other…you won’t be able to keep up because everything is happening at once.” Pinapabilis ng Diyos ang mga bagay. In the same way, God will shift the gear into “turbo” of your life’s engine and launch you forward. Then you will see breaks and opportunities you think don’t deserve that people start asking themselves: “How did he get there so quick?” How did he manage to get promoted so early?” “How did he get so rich so fast?” You may wish to stand back and smile. This is because the God accelerated your life.

David started as a shepherd boy. His father did not believe in him. But when he defeated Goliath, he became a national hero and God accelerated David’s life to become the next king of Israel. People may not like you or believe in you. But when God’s favor is in you, nothing can stop you from being blessed. When it’s your time, God will accelerate thing for your advantage. When God opens doors for you, no one can shut it. God can accelerate your financial breakthrough, healing, promotion and relationships.

I have a friend who lived as a domestic worker in London. There were some of her friends who put her down and talked behind her back at minamaliit siya. I overheard one day that she was called by a friend: “kulang ng isang turnilyo…” One day, she received a call from a lawyer who is based in the Philippines. She was told that she needed to go home because her grandfather died. Before the lawyer put the phone down, she was told that all assets of her grandfather has been left to her including a plot of land in Bicol Region which has attracted big retailer LCC Mall who made a whopping offer P35 million. She was not expecting it but she said it was God who favoured her so she can enjoy the rest of her life. She went home to complete the sale transaction and now purchased a big house in Central London. It was indeed an act of God who turned her water into wine, her poverty into prosperity.

Always believe that this could be your time, the time when God accelerates and the time when your water is being turned into wine. Today is a new day of healing, promotion, financial wealth and restoration. Put water into your jars now. Activate your faith. You will see that the God of acceleration is “turning your water into wine” and shifting you to your destination. What could have taken you years to achieve, you will receive it earlier than you can imagine.

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  1. 5th prgrph—The house has been fully paid and my parents are living there for free. (sounds monotonous if “my mom and dad” kc the sentence that follows ay ”
    Their neighbors…….. how come “mom and dad”…-(

    Last line of d last prgrph-is it “you” or “your”?

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