God Moves When There Is Faith


There was a story in the Bible where Jesus was walking and a multitude of people was following Him. At one time, He asked the crowd who touched Him. His disciples responded that everybody is touching Him. But Jesus noticed that there was a power that came out of Him. He turned back and saw a lady who was bleeding for many years, who spent all her money to doctors and made her worse off.

It is interesting to note that even when many people are touching Jesus, not everybody gets well. God moves when there is faith. He does not respond to pain, to cancer, or to poverty. His only desire is for us to have confidence in Him.

Ang babaeng ito ay dapat sana nasa bahay na dahil wala na siyang pera because due to constant flow of blood, she became weak and breathless. Naubos ang kanyang kayamanan sa pagpapagamot. Maaaring mawalan na siya ng pag-asa na gagaling pa siya. Ngunit isang araw na alam niyang darating si Hesus sa kanilang bayan, something stirred up in her. She knew she could barely walk and there will be thousands of people following Jesus. She could lose hope of fighting through the crowd to reach Jesus. But she did not have a choice. She may be thought that this is her last chance to get healed.

What about you? Do you get discouraged today? Do you rely too much on people to get you well and overlook the power of God? I want to tell that there is hope. Just put your trust in the Lord.

Like this lady who is an insignificant person, considered unclean in those days: she kept pressing to reach Jesus. She knew what Jesus can do. She knew where to get what she needed. She knew that Jesus can fulfil His promises.

Ginawa ng lahat ng babaeng ito all that she knew to do but only “grew worse”. Lalong naging malubha ang kanyang karamdaman. She had twelve years of agony and “growing worse” image in her mind. Naranasan mo na ba ng mga bagay na akala mo magiging ok just to see it is growing worse? This lady had twelve years of hemorrhage. But she decided to have that one last chance to put her faith in God and hoped that it would move God. In the book of Mark chapter five, the Amplified Bible  states, “For she kept saying, If I only touch His garments, I shall be restored to health.”

This woman activated the very words of Jesus when He said: “If you have a faith as small as the mustard seed, you can say to this mountain to move…” Our words have power. It can build and destroy. It can kill or it can heal. Once you speak the words, you are giving life to it. Speak blessing, healing and prosperity over your life.

This lady practice that principle of faith. She kept saying, which means she kept repeating those words in her mind that once she reached Jesus, her health will be restored. She spoke healing over herself. Those words gave birth to faith. I can see this lady talking to herself while looking at a mirror: “I will get better, I will get better, I will get better. You hemorrhage will soon stop. The moment I reached Jesus, I will be ok.”

I believe it was that unmovable faith that even Jesus did not even have to speak the word of healing or prayed for her. But Jesus even responded: “Your faith has made you well…”

What about you? Ano ang sinasabi mo sa iyong buhay? What is your statement of faith? What are you saying to your circumstances? To your finances? To your family? To your job? To your goals? To your sickness? Do you have faith in God that He can turn things around in your favour? Speak faith. Believe that God is a good God who has good things in store for you.

The moment this bleeding woman triggered her faith to reach Jesus, she touched the heart of God. She was given access to the loving mercy of Jesus. She must have heard about Jesus which built up her faith. Nagkaroon siya ng bagong pag-asa sa buhay. Siguro nasabi niya sa kanyang sarili that this is her last chance.

Ako ay naniniwala na when we press on for something we have not seen, that is a display or demonstration of our faith. I have one a friend who could not manage to bear a child despite her got married to her husband for many years. They were thinking of having an IVF treatment as everything they tried did not work. They got so fed up that they almost stopped coming to church. I told her what I was telling you today: fight through the crowd and reach for Jesus. Press on.

I asked her what kind of baby she wanted. She said she wanted a baby girl. I prayed for her. I asked to start buying baby’s stuff: clothes, milk, bottles, nappies. I told her that God moves when there is faith. I advised her that God is attracted to anyone who puts confidence in Him. Few months after, she called me and said that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl who strengthen her relationship and marriage.

Just like that bleeding woman, I asked my friend to see beyond the impossibility. It is always said that: “Faith is the substance of what he hoped for and the reality of things unseen.”  To believe that God can make a way where there seems to be no way. You must believe that God is God. He is the creator of the universe. His ways are far above that our ways.

I read once: “only God can move a mountain. But faith and prayer can move God.”

I want to ask you today that the powerful God who parted the Red Sea, who told the sun to stand still, who commanded the strong wind to stop, is the same God who can make good things happen in your life. Believe. Have faith in God and you can move Him. Try. It works.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and mercy. I believe that you are God, the source of all good things. I put my trust in you. You see where I am right now in my life.  I expect for something great, something better will come upon me. Lord, I trust you. I believe in you. I put my confidence in You. Amen.

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