Illegal migrants will face a jail sentence for working in the UK

illegal workers

Immigration laws in the UK are getting tougher almost every 2 days. The current regime is getting true to its word to penalized illegal migrants. Last time, it was said that overstayers can no longer rent a flat and cannot open a bank account. It was also determined that they cannot work (obviously) due to non-eligibility to be employed. But now, even the earnings and wages of the illegal migrants can be seized and frozen in their bank account to be taken in favour of the government.

UK Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said:

Anyone who thinks the UK is a soft touch should be in no doubt — if you are here illegally, we will take action to stop you from working, renting a flat, opening a bank account or driving a car.

As a one nation government we will continue to crack down on abuse and build an immigration system that works in the best interests of the British people and those who play by the rules.

Through our new Immigration Bill, illegal workers will face the prospect of a prison term and rogue employers could have their businesses closed, have their licences removed, or face prosecution if they continue to flout the law.

These tough measures on employment I believed is due to complaints by the British citizens in the country that the migrants are taking away jobs which are meant for them. And of course, the roaring issue of non-payment of taxes of illegal workers. The banks will have mandate from the government to check immigration status of anyone opening bank accounts.

Any employer who continues to flout the law and evade sanctions could see their business closed for up to 48 hours while they prove right to work checks have been conducted on staff. The worst offenders would then be placed under special measures as directed by the court, which could lead to continued closure and compliance checks.

Further new powers will also mean any pub, off-licence or late night takeaway that fails to comply with immigration laws or employs illegal workers could be stripped of their licence to operate. Consideration is also being given to extend these powers to cover minicab drivers and operators. – Source: Home Office website


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