Poor Mentality


Have you heard someone say:

“My parents are poor, then we will all live poor as well.”

“I did not have a good education.”

“I am fat.”

“I am young”

“I am old”

Most people they have different alibis that disqualify them from becoming a champion. They hurt themselves, they inject negativity into their minds that gives them so many excuses why things cannot be done and why they cannot win in life.

There was one time when Pedro was at elementary school. His teacher asked:

“Class, I want to see if you know our mathematics lesson yesterday. What is 1 + 1?”

Pedro abruptly raised his hand and stood: “Ma’am, it’s 2!”

The teacher said: “No, that’s wrong.”

Other children made a guess. Juan said: “it’s 3.” More pupils guessed but were all told wrong. They eventually gave up.

Pedro was talking to his classmate and was very sure, the answer was ‘2’. The teacher called him and asked:

“Pedro, what was your answer again”?

He replied: “It’s 2, Ma’am.”

The teacher told him: “Then why did you sit down and refused to insist when you know you have the right answer?” The teacher finished their day’s lesson:

“Class, in life there will always be times when you know the answer but others won’t believe you. They will discourage you and will say ‘no’ to your dreams. But keep going. You don’t have the responsibility to take their negative responses but keep your faith within. Protect your goals and never allow others to stop you from believing that your correct answer is wrong.”

Pedro grew up to become a wealthy man in their community. He learned to become a strong man of faith to believe that everyone has the right to choose. He chose to have a right mentality: to never be persuaded by those who have wrong mentality and poor spirit. He made a choice to be surrounded by good and positive people to inspire him and encourage him to beat his excellence everyday.

Stop talking negative but utter affirmation into your soul and spirit. Our minds are like gardens: we need to nurture it with good stuff to nourish beautiful flowers to blossom. You cannot expect to have a positive life while speaking negativity. It’s a poison that hampers one’s progress. It is like a worm slowly eating the nutrients in your own leaf.

Remove the negative label off you. You are strong. There’s something within you that has to be awaken. Unleash the power in your life. Amaze your critics. Life rewards people who have a right mentality.



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