Life to Enjoy

I believe that one of the greatest motivators in life is to be inspired. Life without purpose is like driving a car without a target destination. There are many people who wander through life just to find its meaning. Steve Jobs travelled places to ‘search for the meaning of life’, some people change religion, and some are asking what will make themselves fully satisfied.

For us to understand how a machine works is to read its manual or ask the manufacturer. In its book: Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren, he said: “What On Earth Am I Here For?” It is a powerful question that we too need to ask ourselves why are we here and what is our reason for living. God is the maker of life so we better ask Him what can He do through us. Many are dissatisfied because they are very focused on what God can do to them.

For us to enjoy life is not by having everything but by savouring each step of the way in our journey. A good adobo (Asian Food) is a mixture of many spices: salt, pepper, vinegar, soya sauce, leaf etc. Our lives, for us to be meaningful and ‘tasteful’ could be filled with tears and laughters, victories and falls. Let us judge ourselves by not many times we tried and fail. What matters is what we do when we fall. Did we finish strong?

Life to enjoy is when we have given an assignment and we give our best shot, not half-hearted but filled with expectation to bring a smile to our maker. God is like our Director: He tells each of us what role we play. I could be a double-act or could be one of those who are in an arena along with millions of spectators in a movie: ‘Gladiator’. My role could just be to shout or to clap my hands when the Director says so. I could be a leading man or could be a supporting actor. Our lives will find its happiness when we do what we are told. There is no point arguing and complaining why am I a supporting actor when I want to be this and that.

God is our potter and we are just a clay. Our lives are not our own but we just borrowed it. If He wants us to make a big flower vase or a small coffee cup, that is His prerogative not ours. When we understand this principle, we will never ever feel inferior again because whatever we are now or wherever we are in life, God’s purpose is happening and our intention should be: to do the best even if it hurts. The Director could say that on this movie, “Don, you will be a janitor…clean those stinky toilets” I will not quit as the job does not fit me but instead I will become the best janitor I could ever be.

That is how we can find life filled with joy when we do what are we made for. If you were created to be a duck, no point of dying hard to climb up on a tree like a monkey and becoming spiteful why you really can’t make it to the top of a tree. Knowing what you are made of will bring you back to your senses that you are assigned to do a particular role: do your best to become whatever, whoever God has created you to be.

When you do so, you will find inner peace and contentment. The best time to enjoy life is now. Don’t make a false hope of waiting for the better days ahead. There is no such thing as the perfect time. Make your times perfect. -Don Magsino

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