About Me

Lindoven Magsino, BSc, MBA, GDL, LLM, Ph.D. (candidate).

I am a qualified solicitor with Queen’s Park Solicitors based in England, United Kingdom.


This book’s purpose is to help people who have no legal background and with limited budget to do their own immigration and visa application without necessarily spending a lot of money with professionals.

I have always dreamed to launch this book because: first, to make quality UK immigration services accessible to everyone around the world, and second, to make visa immigration application understandable and affordable for all.

Over the past 10 years, I have spent a considerable amount of time challenging adverse immigration decisions. I am often directly involved in the visa applications, appeal process—from initial appeal submissions to personally presenting appeals before immigration judges (both First-tier and Upper Tribunal). I am an experienced advocate with an excellent appeal success rate.

Clients would often state that they either mistakenly believed their previous representative was an experienced immigration lawyer or they simply could not afford said services because they were too expensive. I was, in fact, one of these experienced lawyers who charged too much, and as a result, could not help many potential clients achieve their UK immigration goals because my services fell outside their budget. Yet, I began finding it increasingly difficult to keep turning away those in need of quality legal representation.

The solution? This DIY UK Visa Visa and Immigration Without A Lawyer: this is now available for those in need of quality legal templates and legal help content to increase their chance of success. In reality, I am offering my 10 years of expertise in this field for a fraction of the costs I would normally charge my clients!

This DIY Practical Guide is available for these visa categories: Marriage visa; Partner /Spouse visa; Visit or Tourist visa; Child visa – which may include: Application Template, Document Checklist, Example Application Index, Example Online Application, Employers Sponsorship Letter, Invitation Letter, Sponsorship Form and many more.

Educational and Professional Achievements

Queen’s Park Solicitors (2014 – to present)
Currently as serving as an Associate Solicitor and Head of Immigration Department.

University of Law, London, UK (2015 – 2021)
I finished my degree in law and then pursued masters, LLM (Master of Laws). I am currently vying to become a Solicitor-Advocate so I can represent clients to senior courts like Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Ateneo De Manila University, Rockwell, Makati, Philippines (1998 – 2001)
I successfully completed my MBA (Master in Business Administration). Currently enrolled for Ph.D. in a university in Manila.