How to organise documents in submitting application from Manila, Philippines?

What to include in the supporting document bundle?

Sponsors should ensure that their supporting documents are sorted in the following order:

1. Application form (first page printed from GOV.UK and any other page containing modifications);

2. TB Certificate (Applicant’s TB certificate);

3. Employment Evidence (Sponsor’s CT600/SA100, letter from employer and/or evidence of self-employment);

4. Financial Evidence (Sponsor’s banks statements (personal and business) sorted and in chronological order, other evidence of income if relevant including any benefit payments);

5. English Language evidence (Applicants ILETS and other educational evidence to meet English Language requirement);

6. Travel Documents (Sponsor’s passport – highlighting any visas or endorsements that demonstrate that the sponsor has travelled to visit the applicant or demonstrated joint travel);

7. Proof of Relationship – Official Documents (Divorce certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate, custody documents);

8. Proof of Relationship (photos (maximum 10), evidence of cohabitation);

9. Accommodation (Sponsors accommodation);

10. Other (Chat records (10 pages), money transfer receipts, other evidence).

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