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UK Judge agreed with my legal representation

After many years of this legal saga and tears, we have won this appeal for you, Masami. There were times when I myself almost lost hope, but you kept believing and praying that these are stepping stone for you to achieve that seed of greatness in you. The UK Immigration Borders issued warrant about 3-4 years ago against you, we challenged their punitive decisions. You went to other lawyers and asked for their advise and opinions but appointed me to appear for you in the Court of Law. God has bestowed me wisdom to stand on your behalf before a Judge who agreed that my legal representation should win. The Judge even refunded the appeal fee for you. Wow! Praise be to God! Halleluiah.
– Thanks for believing, Peachy Ramos and Masami.

Nakase v UK Secretary of State for Home Department [2019]

***post allowed by Masami Nakase and the case can be found in the UK Justice domain***

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